Four Seasons scenery. Hut flower box - winter (pottery + flowers / dried flowers / eternal flowers / not withered / Tanabata gifts)

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Four Seasons scenery. Hut flower box - winter (pottery + flowers / dried flowers / eternal flowers / not withered / Tanabata gifts)



From each other to finally decided to cooperate,

Completely different areas,

The same is that we all insist on maintaining the temperature of the hand,

The same is that we all have unique ideas and insistence on creation.

Cross-border creative series - [Four Seasons Scenic Chalet Flower Box - Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter], I hope you will love it :)

We offer "10% discount on time limit"

Original price 880, 8/22 before the order, will enjoy the price of 792 ~

Expected 8/24 shipments.

Cold winter
Covered with white snow mist
In the warm cottage
A window full of fog
My eyes are only black and white
{Author -GOODLILY}

Size / 15 length 8.5 width 4.5cm thick

Material /
Hut - pottery To 1230 degrees burned pottery
Flower box - dried flowers / eternal flowers / fruit and other flowers

/ Precautions before purchase /
1. "Four Seasons Scenic - Spring" · As shown in the picture, it is based on the brown hut as the main body,
But the roof, doors and windows of the glaze with the designer's mood with,
And the shape of the hut every one is different ~ hope you will like this surprise :)

Flower box -
1. Each flower box is handmade for the designer. Due to the size of natural flowers, posture are not the same,
Finished products may be slightly different with the photos on the difference, but please believe that the designer for each piece of work have done the best configuration!
2. If the flowers encountered seasonal out of stock or inventory shortage and other conditions, in the style and color to maintain the same circumstances,
Please believe that the designer to do the most suitable adjustments to other flowers.
3. finished products will be careful to complete the packaging sent, but the natural flowers are very fragile,
Please understand that the occasional loss of transportation in the course of the normal range.

Use and maintenance mode /
Flower box:
1. flower box suitable for placement in a dry environment, be sure to avoid damp Oh!
2. Do not place in direct sunlight, the sun will accelerate the speed of fading,
And to avoid the collision or frequent movement of the box,
Can maintain the best viewing state of about 1 to 3 years ranging from time.
3. Dry flowers and eternal flowers are all processed by the processing of fresh flowers,
A long time will slowly fade or fragrance light down to belong to the normal phenomenon.
4. If the dust for a long time, you can use a small brush or blower set cool wind blowing away
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan designer GOODLILY personally designed + Taiwan designer Cai Wenming creation. Hand pinch the plastic


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