Leather Leather Business Card Holder | Whiskey Coke - Dark Blue [Additional Lettering]

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• Full leather business card holder • Easy to carry, can be placed in the chest pocket • Push the bottom soft sheepskin for easy access to business cards • Three classic colors are available



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Leather Leather Business Card Holder | Whiskey Coke - Dark Blue [Additional Lettering]


• Full leather business card holder • Easy to carry and can be placed in the chest pocket • Simple design • Three classic color options available // Whiskey Coke Wei Ke // Weike is a special flavor combined with whiskey and cola. Whiskey mixes cola flavors and is suitable for men's tastes but with a bit of boyishness. The oil wax skin is matched with sheepskin, the hard texture area symbolizes the whisky taste, and the soft skin underneath symbolizes the taste of cola. The use also complements each other. The business card under the protection of the hard skin is not deformed. When the business card is taken, it is pushed up by the soft skin below, and the business card is more relaxed when it is taken out. Customizable branded text, plus purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/NYq7bDsQ / Customized laser branding service / ‧ Four fonts are available (see Figure 5, top to bottom): round, writing, black, and slim ‧ The font size will be adjusted to the most suitable size according to the font elasticity of your choice. ‧ There is no hard limit on the number of words, but the recommended text is not too long due to the size of the product. ‧ Please specify the laser position at the same time; if not specified, the master will select the appropriate laser position for you. ‧ The color of the text is the burnt black of the laser, which will be slightly lighter due to use. ‧ Working days are about 1-3 days ‧ Because the laser is treated with high temperature, there will be some unpleasant smell when the laser is shot. It will slowly disappear after the time increases. ※ If you are unable to resell others due to the use of customized branding services, please do not accept the return application ※ / Handmade • Natural material / Handmade leather products may have slight natural skin scars, wrinkles and other differences, which are normal to the dermis. / Origin • Manufacturing method / Taiwan Design • Manual sewing / Use and maintenance methods / After long-term use of high-quality leather surface, it is inevitable that there will be slight scars, which can be diluted by hand oil or leather maintenance oil. If the leather surface is accidentally drenched with rain or water, immediately dry the water with a dry cloth and place it in a cool, ventilated place. / Warranty / New product, unconditional renewal / Repair warranty / A large area of leather is peeled off and degummed, and returned to the original factory for repair within one month after purchase. (This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, misuse, improper use or unauthorized repairs and modifications. It is not responsible for the minor surface damage caused by normal normal wear and tear on the product.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48202244842_b43d672cc1_b.jpg


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