Warm heart healing does not fade dry table flowers (sprinkable perfume, essential oils)

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Colorful table flowers, Sola flowers, sun roses can be sprayed with perfume or essential oils to add aroma! Give a warm heart gift and let the best temperature blessing be with you.



1 - 3 วัน
Warm heart healing does not fade dry table flowers (sprinkable perfume, essential oils)


The Patti Florist Design Studio is a one-person studio. Every product from production to photo is completed in one hand, and you also need to carefully package as fast as possible. If the message is slower, please include more!

【Product Size】
Flower width 6.5cm high 6.5cm
Flower length 7cm width 7cm height about 10cm (not including leaf material size, hand-made is inevitable slight error)
Packing box length 13cm width 10cm height 18cm

Japan imported non-flower rose, hydrangea, solar flower sun rose, canary, eve fog, high goat tooth

[Before you buy]
◎ Customized products need to wait for about 3~7 working days (excluding holidays). If you need urgently needed goods, you can ask in advance before placing an order to avoid delaying your important moments.
◎Because of the slightly different plant growth, the flowers have a natural growth posture and cannot be exactly the same as the photos. Each product is uniquely crafted.
◎ If the flower material is out of stock or the quality is not good, it will be matched with similar flowers to make the most suitable adjustment.
◎All products are marked with size, please do not imagine.
◎Flower cost and placement time are not withered> Dry flowers> Flowers, the price is relatively high.
◎ The photo has been corrected to the most correct color, but there will still be some slight color difference between different electronic screens and products!

[customized service]
◎ According to this design, you can customize your favorite color system and create a special flower gift that belongs to you.
◎ Each designer's creative methods are different. Please do not take the design of the museum, request copying and quotation.

[about delivery]
Some products do not provide convenience store pick-up service. Although the flowers are all upside down, the flowers themselves are relatively fragile and cannot be supervised on the site. There are risks. If the goods are damaged, please take them. The photo will contact us and will assist you immediately. Please don't worry directly about the evaluation response! Personal studios are not easy to operate, and every product is a crystallization of meticulous production. Your evaluation is also the driving force for us to make progress!
◎Home delivery products do not include production time of about 1~2 working days. Convenience store pickup does not include production time of about 2~3 working days. Actual delivery date is mainly based on freight company time.
◎ Taiwan's outlying islands, if you choose the home delivery will be automatically transferred to the post office.
◎ No flowers and dry flowers can not be sent to foreign countries and transshipment services.

[Product storage method]
◎ No need to water.
◎ Avoid placing in places where direct sunlight, high temperature or moisture changes.
◎ When the flowers are wet, please transfer them to a dry environment immediately, and the machine can be dehumidified.
◎When contaminated with dust, please use a brush to gently wipe, or use a hair dryer to gently cool the wind at a minimum wind speed, keep a palm away from the blow.
◎ Long time placement may fade and weather.
◎The flowers are processed by wire. If there are children and hairy children in the house, please be careful not to touch the injured.


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