Too lazy to cook office workers villain retreat package

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[Too lazy to cook office workers villain retreat package] lazy to cook Ma Ma hot soup 1 package + Nanyang Kerui soup head 1 pack + Hey! Tom original black sugar cake + cranberry black sugar cake



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Too lazy to cook office workers villain retreat package


[Too lazy to cook office workers villain retreat package] contains "lazy to cook Ma Ma spicy soup 1 pack" + "Nanyang Kerui soup head 1 pack" + "Hey! Tom original black sugar cake 1" + "Cranberry brown sugar 1 piece of cake Ma Mahao Hot Pot Soup Head has served as a high-end hot pot restaurant in Taipei City, one soldier, Dingwang, Hong Kong Maxim Group Restaurant, Adu Hot Pot, and Middle East Dubai, Bahrain, Beijing, Nanjing, the United States and many other hotels. The chef of the Hong Kong celebrity chef, Ayou Shi, is the only chef in the soup. Although he has added a variety of peppers to the soup, the soup is not strong, and the hemp is spicy, salty and fragrant. The perfect harmony, let you love the hot, spicy, spicy, even not spicy, you will fall in love with it! The Nanyang Kerui pot soup head is the authentic Nanyang 叻沙 curry flavor. The Hong Kong celebrity chef A You Shi is a special proportion of Nanyang Curry. It is made with peanuts, southern ginger, lemon grass and chili. The aroma is rich and rich, and the soup is rich and fragrant. The nose is scented with a slightly spicy taste. In this cold winter, it is best to come to the pot! **How to cook soup?** Please add 600~800c.c of water according to your taste. After the water rolls, you can throw it and cook it, then start! **Contents:**400g/bag for 2~3 servings. This combination contains a pack of Ma Ma Hot and Spicy Soup and a pack of Nanyang Kerui Soup. **Product ingredients:** Ma Ma hot pot soup head: MSG, salt, spicy sauce (soybean oil, garlic, red onion, pepper, Chaotian pepper, bell pepper, black bean, white pepper) Nanyang Kerui pot soup head: salt, monosodium glutamate, Nanyang curry sauce (soybean oil, curry powder, shrimp, sugar, pepper, lemon grass, peanuts, white pepper) * This product contains shrimp and peanuts. It is not suitable for people with allergies. Soybean oil does not contain genetically modified ingredients, but genetically modified soybeans are included in the processing materials. **Shelf life:**Freeze for 6 months -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- The Jinmen lined up in the restaurant, "Jing Cai Mantou", the taste of the steamed buns that are made every day in the store is as high as 30 kinds. It opens at 2:30 in the morning, and the steamed buns may be left at 8:30 in the morning. I want to eat soon, I can't buy it later! However, there is a hidden version that is not available in the store, that is, Hey Tom brown sugar cake is also! Different from Wuhu brown sugar cake, it tastes like a cake. Hey Tom brown sugar cake has a special Q-bomb and solid materials. In addition to the common black sugar cake, it also develops rare cranberry black sugar cake and white wine longan black sugar cake. The sweet taste of the fragrant Q is not only suitable for the afternoon tea dessert of office workers, but also very suitable for the snacks when the family is traveling. When Jing Cai Man made Hey Tom brown sugar cake, the ingredients are very insistent. The weight of each black sugar cake is about 600 grams, and it is easy to cut and cut into the size suitable for the entrance. If you feel hungry or work in the afternoon, When you are clamoring for snacks, or when you are having a meeting with customers or manufacturers, Hey Tom Brown Sugar Cake can come in handy. After all, it’s sweet to say anything, not ~ **How to eat Hey!Tom brown sugar cake:** Microwave: After thawing, pour the brown sugar cake into the dish, microwave for 1~3 minutes, and take the time to come to the first place, you can start. Steaming: After thawing, pour the brown sugar cake into the dish and put it into the Datong electric cooker that is even in the small S Dibao mansion. Add half a cup of water and wait for the electric pot to jump up to start. **Product ingredients:** Original black sugar cake: flour (medium gluten, high gluten), white powder, brown sugar, baking powder. Cranberry black sugar cake: flour (medium gluten, high gluten), white powder, brown sugar, baking powder, cranberry, almond strips. **Contents:**600g±10%/piece **Storage period:**Refrigerated for 5 days, frozen for 2 weeks


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