Natural dyed plants dyed wood dyed traditional handmade woven woven blue dyed blue rice striped cloth can be woven handbag shoulder bag

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Natural dyed plants dyed wood dyed traditional handmade woven woven blue dyed blue rice striped cloth can be woven handbag shoulder bag


ECOCOLOUR With a friendly environment of mind, good at nature, the development of ecological sustainable natural dyeing. The use of Taiwan in the plant for the dye, quenching the color of Taiwan, to hand-natural dyeing and weaving the traditional skills, the development of natural dyed clothing and life of supplies. ECOCOLOUR Limited hand-made goods - cracked - cloth can be woven series Cracking is the fabric after tearing and re-weaving Originally the grandmother left the old clothes again Cracked into a unique monumental knit fabric But also let yourself enter the beginning of the traditional woven We will make a natural dyed dress for the rest And then re-organized into a weaving when the wire So that the fabric can also become a variety of possible weaving Will be used and back to pure essence Product Type - Natural Dyed Handmade Plant Dyed Grass Dyed Traditional Handmade Woven Pruning Blue Dyed Blue Rice Striped Cloth Cloth Handbag Shoulder Bag Commodity material - the outer traditional handmade woven woven natural dyed blue stained cotton ramie cotton thread Inner layer of natural stained blue stained cotton cloth Size Description - width 37 cm high 31 cm leather bag length 40 cm When the photo is photographed, the difference between the light and the picture will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer. Customized services Custom-made natural dyed hand made with the existing fabric and fiber-made fabric, working days (excluding holidays) to 15 to 45 days, difficulty will affect the number of working days, need to stay longer. If you need to re-dyed weave, work days to 45 to 65 days, difficulty will affect the number of working days, need to stay longer. Natural dyeing are taken from the nature of the dye, follow the natural, small production, each hand for the color, patterns are slightly different, is the producer of the warmth of the hand, if you think there are imperfect traces, Please also tell us how much advice and understanding. laundry guide All products are natural stains, please wash with water, disable organic solvents and other chemicals, dry cleaning. Do not use the addition of fluorescent chlorine bleach, Yan Yan of the detergent. Please use a neutral detergent, take appropriate amount of water into the water after mixing evenly, do not directly fall on the clothes. Please separate the different colors of washing, a few times before cleaning a slight color of water, as a normal phenomenon. Please wash the time to shorten the time, to avoid soaking in water for too long, to avoid the occurrence of staining. Please wash with a light hand, to avoid local hard rub, friction, scrub, to avoid causing fade mottled. Please dry when finished dry or into the laundry bag low-speed dehydration, do not use high-speed or high-speed dehydration, to avoid the clothes due to reverse the deformation. Please wash in the finished, hanging cool and ventilated place to dry. Please ironing with a low temperature insulation, and avoid zippers, buttons or decorations, so as to avoid the light color. Tips Natural stained hand crops, if any stains, please wash immediately according to the washing method. Daily storage should be placed in a well-ventilated shade, to avoid prolonged exposure to light to prevent local fading. Long-term collection, please put into the bag or opaque clothing box, to avoid long-term direct light and high temperature, and placed low humidity wardrobe. Thank you very much You can spend some time and patience, the use of the right way to extend the life of clothing, love things, cherish the limited resources, friendly environment common practice of ecological sustainability of faith. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan design handmade production


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