Limited Fragrance Christmas Gift Bag (E)

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Students' petty bourgeoisie favorite! Limited wood fragrance Christmas blessing bag! Exquisite and lovely packaging, Christmas exchange gifts are absolutely not stepping on the thunder:) Limited eucalyptus flower water can be used as the base of moistu



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Limited Fragrance Christmas Gift Bag (E)


【product name】 Limited Fragrance Christmas Gift Bag (桧木露 Spray 30mlx1+ Fragrance Foot Bath Bag x2+ Essential Oil Skin Care Candle 40g) 【design concept】 All fragrance products are made of Taiwanese eucalyptus, so you can feel the energy of Fendo without going to the forest, wash away the fatigue of the whole day and soothe your body and mind! 【Instructions for use】 Beech Pure Dew: Can be used on the body. Face moisturizing, spray bottle can be carried on the body, face moisturizing and air deodorization at any time, can also be added to the diffuser to increase indoor air aroma, can also be combined with a bath bag, dripping in warm water It is used as a bath fragrance. Fragrance Foot Bath Bag: After opening, it can be put into the warm water for about 40 degrees, or it can be placed in the closet. Shoe cabinet. The car or the bathroom is protected from moisture and deodorization, or placed in the container to eliminate the smell of smoke. Elm oil skin care candle: It can soothe nervous nerves and ignite candles to eliminate air odor!! The burning temperature of candles is about 30~40 degrees, adding gold jojoba oil, eucalyptus and other skin-friendly materials, so that the burning wax becomes The most natural skin care products, to prevent dry and cracked skin, can also be used as a finger oil when solidified. [Maintenance method] Essential oils. Store in a cool, dark place. Do not place in a hot or direct environment. The aroma of wood shavings will gradually fade due to the length of the space and the size of the space. This is a normal phenomenon. If you want to maintain the fragrance of the space, it is recommended to replace it regularly. [production instructions] Beech Pure Dew: After distillation extraction, there will be some essential oil floating in the upper layer, which is a normal phenomenon, without adding any chemical flavor, high purity and quality assurance. Log wood shavings without adding any chemical flavors. Dyeing agents. Preservatives. Elm oil skin care candle: Vegetable Wax - Rejecting Volatile Hazardous Substances: Natural soy wax, soft in texture, does not evaporate harmful substances, does not have any chemical burden, does not irritate, is harmless to babies and pets, and can be enjoyed with confidence. The ignition point is low - about 30 to 40 degrees. When you try it, you will only feel warm and warm. After melting, you can also apply it to your skin. Pure Elm Essential Oil - Soothes nerves without headaches: Contains high-purity Taiwanese essential oils, rich in flavor and layered, and the emitted camphor alcohol can soothe nerves and make your body and mind happy. Gold Jojoba Oil - Effectively moisturizes and protects the skin: Adds a high proportion of gold jojoba oil. The skin-friendly material such as shea butter makes the burnt wax oil the most natural skin care product, preventing dry and cracked skin. . It can also be used as a finger oil during solidification to protect the nails and the surrounding parts from dry desquamation. 【Period of use】 Essential oil. The pure product does not contain preservatives. It is recommended to use it within 18 months after opening! [Material] Taiwan Elm 【size】 桧木露 Spray capacity: 30mlx1 Fragrance foot bath capacity: 25gx2 Elm essential oil skin care candle 40gx1 [Place of Origin] Taiwan 【Precautions】 Someone needs to be in the burning of the candle. Do not place it in the unmanned and windy place!


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