[Eternal life flower frame] Spring afternoon Teacher's Day birthday gift wedding anniversary Valentine's Day

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[Eternal life flower frame] Spring afternoon Teacher's Day birthday gift wedding anniversary Valentine's Day


[KISS OR KISSES] **"Eternal Flower Frame. At springtime afternoon》** **This is a remanufactured model, not in stock, it cannot be 100% the same as the photo** **I will make it with the goal of 90% similarity** **Dear: Re-made photo frames, not completely customized colors,** **Does not accept flower color change** **It is not that the designer is stingy and does not want to compromise, but that the cost of different flowers is different** **And after pasting, you have to pull and change it, which will cause direct damage to the flowers** **Please accept 10-15% difference from the photo before checkout** **(The size of the flower varies according to natural conditions, and the color of the flower material is different)** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds8Tf7nqqs4 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759713637_4810f298b9_z.jpg The color matching of spring flowers is like a spring afternoon garden. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759392721_d4cfecbafc_z.jpg The pink-toned rose series, coupled with the tender green hydrangea and leaves, look natural and unpretentious. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759392716_deafc8b20d_z.jpg The blooming spring garden probably feels like this, warm and cozy. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49758859553_d6a6ce3758_z.jpg The white wooden frame shows another sense of nobility in places with weak light. *The congratulatory message on the left can be customized or signed. (Example: Happy Mother's day/ Happy Birthday/ Best wishes/ Congratulation, etc.) ▲▲Size description▲▲ Frame size 15.3 x 20.3 x 7.7 (cm) (size when closed) Photo size 5 x 7 inches One photo ▲▲Material description▲▲ The body is a handmade wooden frame, There are two glass interlayers on the inner layer. This is a book-style open and close photo frame, which can be folded. On the right side of the inner layer, immortal flowers and dried flowers are used for processing art. The detachable back panel on the left side of the inner layer can hold a 5x7 inch photo. *As each wooden frame is hand-made, the wood grain and color are "naturally presented" It is normal that the epidermis will have depressions or small holes, or the wooden frame backplane will have some slight errors in the anastomosis. Don't buy if you mind. ▲▲Design concept▲▲ In a busy life, we are busy, working, and running. I often forget to eat, forget to pay, Forgot to go home to see mom and dad, forgot to call you... I want to tell you in the most gentle way: I have not forgotten you, and please remember our happy moment. "The picture frame represents not memories, but represents— When you miss me, you can see me. Because I can’t bear to see you forget me. " ▲▲Preservation of immortal flowers▲▲ Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight. The eternal flower is processed, Can maintain the appearance of flowers, Up to 1-3 years. ▲▲ Shipping method▲▲ Attach the flower gift maintenance instructions, Black cats will be sent and shipped within 1 day after production (The black cat does not receive or deliver the items on Sundays. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be sent on Mondays) *Do not use 7-11 to send the goods, because there has been a record of damage to the flower gift For your peace of mind when receiving goods, and peace of mind when I send goods, please spend a little more freight, Shopping is more enjoyable, thank you! ※May be shipped in recycled cartons to save resources and protect the earth. ▲▲Purchase notice▲▲ Please note: There are some color differences between the pictures on the screens of computers and mobile phones and the actual objects. The shooting time of the kiss flower arrangement is indoors on a sunny afternoon, The yellow light is too much for reference. If there is force majeure during transportation, It may cause a small amount of flowers to shake off, please forgive me. Flower materials will change according to seasonality and inventory status. In case of shortage of flowers, flowers of the same color series will be replaced with minimal changes, please understand! ✓ Valentine's Day gift ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding ceremony for elders ✓Birthday gifts ✓ Farewell The Most Passionate Flower Art-Kiss Flower Art since 2019


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[Kiss OR KISSES] "In a busy life, I want to be gentle by your side." ✓Handmade wooden frame ✓All Japanese imported flowers ✓Spring natural flower color system ✓Can hold a 5x7 inch photo ✓Sturdy packaging Peace of mind the most passionate flower gift in the world-Kisses! 💋


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