Happiness + Egg Roll Family Sharing Package (sesame / coffee)

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มากกว่า 10 ชิ้น
25g x 30
หลังผลิต 90 วัน
  • ถูกชม 3,205 ครั้ง
  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 70 ชิ้น
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Happiness + Egg Roll - Family Sharing Pack Love and happiness are doubled, that is, no preservatives and pigments are added~



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Happiness + Egg Roll Family Sharing Package (sesame / coffee)


/ Mid-Autumn Festival purchase please note / 1. Mid-autumn cargo volume is large, in order to avoid delays in delivery, such as urgent use, please arrive in advance. 2. Specify the arrival date: Please fill in the "Remarks" on the checkout page, and you cannot specify it on Saturday and Sunday. It is not possible to specify the arrival date from 3.8/26 (1) to 9/16. 4.9/5 (four) for the final shipment date, is expected to arrive at the latest 9/11 (three). Happiness + Egg Roll - Family Sharing Pack Love and happiness are doubled, that is, no preservatives and pigments are added~ A workshop has specially launched a large-capacity family sharing package for you to share with you. It is suitable to share with family and friends. A classic taste egg roll mix and match in a factory. A espresso roll, a cup of tea, and a sesame roll. ~ Meet the family-sized weekend tea time The Heart Road Foundation shelter factory "a workshop" insists on giving you the best quality. Especially use fresh eggs to add French fermented cream. Produced by young people with disabilities, deeply mixed into the freshest and richest love, Every bite you can eat can feel the taste of happiness, and then there is the warmth of home. The heart of a factory happiness + the secret of the egg roll 1. Use fresh and no antibiotics eggs, hygienic hand-washing eggs, and eat more peace of mind. 2. Use top-grade fermented dehydrated cream, the cost is higher than the general commercial cream, produced in Normandy, France, the hometown of the highest quality milk. 3. Natural fermented flavor, representative of European cream, high purity of oil and more delicious flavor. 4. No added preservatives, pigments, no trans fat vegetable oil baking. Product Specifications 1. Main ingredients: French fermented cream, eggs, sugar, milk powder, flour 2. Ingredients: Sesame / Coffee 3. Content: Sesame*15 pieces, coffee*15 pieces 4. Weight: 750 grams ± 5% 5. Shelf life: three months 6. Validity period: marked in the outer box 7. Origin: Taiwan **/ About Xinlu Foundation - A Workshop /** Providing job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who want to work but have insufficient ability to enter the general employment workplace. A workshop, never gave up this group of smart obstacles, The stage of work allows them to have happy job opportunities and hope for life. From habitual retreat, from innocence, to learning to make handmade soaps, bows, and adding essential oils.... From the inability to distinguish between milk powder and flour, to learn to make egg rolls, add raw materials, and weigh raw materials... Every whole heart-warming action proves that they can win your applause! https://web.syinlu.org.tw//uploads/images/shop/ejob2.jpg **/ Heart Road Foundation Profile Video /** Through the warm voice of Hou Peiyu, slowly telling the story of the service, the story of the heart and the intelligent obstacles weave. someone said: "They are God's fakes, and others say they are artless art. They are the forever burden of their parents, and some people say that they are children who are especially cared for by God..." I hope that the film will lead you to know the children of your heart, and also open your arms to help them to go to the future! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy8yECxpukY **/ Origin /**Taiwan Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan shelter factory love goods


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