Air pineapple white flower amethyst Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Emerald Forest'

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I like this air pineapple called white amethyst. Exquisite leaf width and leaf order Place yourself in the life to enjoy the airy pineapple's fascinating charm



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Air pineapple white flower amethyst Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Emerald Forest'


Selling items Air pineapple white flower amethyst Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Emerald Forest' only plants themselves Size is about 12 cm A 200 yuan flower card does not contain other decorations in the photo Precautions Please understand that plants will grow in time as they live. Some items have color and size differences over time and seasons. Planting and revealing in nature will have natural leaf injury and leaf loss. The shape of each plant will vary somewhat. The photo is for the current shooting situation is for reference only. Plants are sent live Please inform us before the delivery, please pick up and unpack as soon as possible喔 thank [Basic care concept] Air pineapple mostly does not require media to hang or place the pot directly Because the structure of the plant itself can absorb water and nutrients in the air. * Like a breathable and ventilated environment When there is no direct sunlight in the evening or evening Can start spraying watering A variety that likes water can be soaked in water If you are in a hot environment, you should drink less water. Please note that if there is water, if you can't disperse the excess water, it will lead to bad news. General watering frequency (for reference but remember to observe your own environment adjustment) About 3 days in spring and autumn About 1~2 days in summer About 4 to 7 days in winter * need sunshine Can be placed at the window or balcony, soft astigmatism, half-day environment Sunshine plants still need to be beautiful in a sunny environment. The intensity of sunlight changes as the seasons change. The same location but strong summer sunshine It may cause the sunburn of plants, etc. Can adjust position or provide shading at the right time The relationship between the cultivation environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and plant variety of each individual Everyone still needs to observe the changes in the plants themselves and the adaptation to the new environment. It is usually possible to determine whether the water is sufficient by whether the plant starts to root or the tip of the leaf is not dry. Whether to start to adapt to the environment啰 Can give plants a little time to adapt to how much leaf loss, etc. Like a human, maybe after a while you will find that he started to like this new place. Providing the basic way, everyone can adjust according to the environment to be the best breeding method.


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