Parallel Dreamland/Sea/Past/Tide-Handmade resin ear stud ear pin/ear clip

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Parallel Dreamland/Sea/Past/Tide-Handmade resin ear stud ear pin/ear clip


Summer | Chapter 2 "Parallel Dreams" · The rainy season is over, say goodbye to spring "Hydrangea" blooms towards the sun · The south wind blows slightly Listen to the voice of "sea" I gradually fell asleep · In the dream, I met the mermaid She gave me a delicate box It contains a magical "shell" · Mermaid said: When you are at the crossroads of life and it is difficult to choose, don't be afraid, pick up the shell and listen to your inner voice · Then a wave of waves awakened me like a dream Am I in the dream? · This time and space, I dance with "Firefly" at night And is the parallel space-time self looking at the gorgeous "fireworks"? · I made a different decision to myself this night But it's the same sky · Even in different time and space, we will make the same efforts Even different choices will get different happiness |Details| ▪︎ The whole is hand-made resin ▪︎ Hand-painted water waves Material: handmade resin / silver plated Crystal: Japanese crystal Pearls: artificial pearls Size: diameter about 2.7 cm (including ear pin) Ear acupuncture: preset 316 medical steel needle (can change ear clip-uniform use of transparent silicone ear clip) |Notes| ▪︎ Since earrings are hygienic goods, returns and exchanges will not be accepted. ▪︎ Hand-made jewelry, please try to avoid pulling and squeezing. ▪︎ Not as perfect as machine-made, but full of hand-made temperature, 100% hand-made, so there will be small defects (shapes, bubbles), please carefully consider whether it can be accepted. ▪︎ The colors of resin jewelry are all artificially adjusted, so each color will not be the same, but will try to be close. ▪︎ Do not use alcohol and chemicals to clean the jewelry. ▪︎ They are all shot with natural light. Because the color setting of each screen is different, if the color of the product and the photo received are somewhat different, please bear with me. ▪︎ The designer is allergic to the ears. There is no allergic reaction when wearing the selected 14K gold ear needles. However, everyone’s constitution is different. If you are very allergic or have doubts, it is recommended to change to the original color 316 medical steel needle material. ▪︎ Gold-coated and gold-plated will be oxidized due to different time and personal wearing methods, and how much will be oxidized is normal! Note that daily maintenance can slow down oxidation. |Weekday maintenance| ▪︎ Trouble taking bath, sleeping, swimming, hot springs, and going to the beach to take off the accessories. ▪︎ If you have the habit of spraying perfume, please spray the perfume first and put on accessories. ▪︎ After removing the jewelry, please use a dry cloth to wipe it, and then put the jewelry in the chain belt for collection. |Design / Production Site| Taiwan Design / Taiwan Production [If you have any questions, please contact the designer]


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Floating between the ebb and flow, Looking for a goal that cannot be given up.


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