[Leather Course] Simple Curve Long Clips | Handmade Leather Goods | Wallets | Money Clips | Cards

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Using Italian imported cowhide, more than 10 kinds of colors can be selected, showing the most natural texture with natural vegetable-tanned cowhide. All professional tools required for hand-stitched leather goods are provided, so that students can just relax and make it. Make a gift for yourself or your dear that you can use for a lifetime!
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OTM Leather Studio

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[Leather Course] Simple Curve Long Clips | Handmade Leather Goods | Wallets | Money Clips | Cards


Dongqianli Leather Room offers a range of hand-stitched leather goods, teaching courses and all the professional tools needed for hand-stitched leather goods. "Thousands of miles journey begins with one step"-success comes from specialized research, and the craftsmanship is still so. With the spirit of leather craftsmanship, the "Eastern Miles Leather Room" brand was founded. Want to try leather handmade, but have no experience and tools but want to get started with leather making? Dongqianli Leather Workshop offers a series of hand-stitched leather hand-made courses with more than 50 kinds of basic leather goods production teaching and leather courses, so you can use basic leather goods production teaching and leather course teachers in a short period of time Guidance of learning, experience the leather making process, enter the world of leather handmade, and make your own exclusive leather goods. Leather handcrafted leather works will give you a sense of accomplishment and enjoy the fun of DIY handcrafting. The course content also includes common knowledge and methods of leather knowledge and leather maintenance. In addition to leather goods production teaching, leather courses, pattern making teaching, leather DIY, parent-child DIY and other group courses, we also have customized services for leather goods production and leather customization. In order to make the best bag recommendations and handmade courses for you recommend. **Estimated time for this course: 12HR (If the time is not completed, 4 hours can be given for free, and an additional appointment time is required.)** (Private messages can be reserved on separate dates. The first day of class can be placed when ordering. The shortest time is 3 hours at a time, and the longest is 8 hours on the day.) Size description: Product development size: about 19.7 * 21CM Product size: about 19.7 * 10.3CM Product thickness: about 0.6CM Card holder: 12 slots Mezzanine: 2 mezzanines https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49194250832_11806879aa_b.jpg Teaching content: 1. Introduction of leather types. 2. Teaching in leather processing. 3. Grinding teaching of skin back and skin side treatment agent. 4. Teaching leather tools (holes). 5. Leather teaching with double needles. 6. Print commemorative English font typeface teaching. 7. Leather maintenance teaching. ● The course fee includes tuition, material package, tool usage fee, etc., all you need to do is to relax and relieve stress. ● Selection of leather materials for basic courses: The top vegetable tanned cowhide in Europe and Italy is used, but each natural cowhide is different, based on the ready-made colors that have been dyed on site. Because leather will be more color from time to time, please place an order to inquire the quantity in advance without additional purchase costs. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49193837112_eebab68757_b.jpg ● The skin color in the photo is hand-dyed, so there are many gradual changes. Due to the complicated course of the dyeing tutorial, the size of the leather piece will be 2 to 4 hours longer than the expected class time. Tuition and materials fees. * Single product less than 4,000 yuan + "Additional purchase of manual dyeing course" costs 800 yuan (3 hours) * Single product course over 4,000 yuan + "Additional purchase of manual dyeing course" costs 1200 yuan (5 hours) Please place an order for "Additional purchase of manual dyeing courses" option. The dyeable leather color tutorial includes monochrome, gradient, starry sky, etc., you can match the color according to the students themselves, you can go to the "Ordering Information" page to view the basic manual dyeing department. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49193643961_90331a1f56_b.jpg



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