Its Mother's Day / My Lu Bing /

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The part of the mousse cake is flavored with charcoal-baked oolong tea. The middle part of the sandwich is made with strawberry lotus seeds. The part with the puree is the conflict between the strawberry and the mulberry The bottom layer is based on the se



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Its Mother's Day / My Lu Bing /


Its Mother's Day / My Lu Bing / / The stars in the sky don't talk, the dolls on the ground want moms / / Eyes in the sky, mother's heart Lu Bing / / The tea garden in my hometown is full of flowers, and my mother’s heart is in the horizon/ / I think of my mother’s words at night, sparkling tears Lu Binghua / / ~ ~ ~ / I still remember a movie I liked when I was a child, called Lu Binghua. This is a Taiwanese critical film in the late 1980s. It not only criticizes society but also humanity. The film is based on the development of a pair of younger siblings living in a poor family with tea. In the movie, only the tea girl gave her younger brother, Gu Amin, a very brief description of her mother. She was very emotionally exposed to her mother’s beautiful and hardworking and kind-hearted characters. This is the true embodiment of the master writer and director: the mother does not need to appear, because the mother is in the voice of the child, in the heart of the child, and therefore in the hearts of the audience. "The power of maternal love is not here? A great mother, she not only gives love to her children when she is alive, but also gives her life the power of life after death." The film has been watched hundreds of times, and I don’t know how many times I cried. Watching this movie at different times will always have different inspirations. The film uses a lot of metaphors to represent or present the concepts that you want to express. So when I designed this Mother's Day cake, my first thought was to decide to use Lu Binghua as the design development. The main part of the mousse cake is made from charcoal-baked oolong tea. / Metaphor / Teaworm Tea Garden The middle part of the cake is made of strawberry lotus seeds. / Metaphor / Hakka simplicity The part of the fruit between the cakes is the conflict between the strawberry and the mulberry / Metaphor / Director of the township The bottom layer of the cake is based on the sesame biscuit body. / Metaphor / Art Teacher The middle part of the cake is based on charcoal-baked wulongda kwaz. / Metaphor / Amin姊姊 The upper part of the cake is decorated with organic sweet-scented osmanthus white fungus / Metaphor / Lu Binghua This cake is not just a Mother's Day cake, but a metaphorical story cake. When you cut it, you can feel the richness of the story. When you eat it, you can feel the level of the plot. Finally, when you go down, you can feel our full heart. We don't just design cakes, we want to bring desserts to a higher level, so that you not only eat cakes, but also eat our dedication and heat sink. Thank you very much for reading such a long article, I hope you can eat this carefully designed Mother's Day Cake / Lu Bing 2.0 Upgrade / If you can please help us share this story!


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