Adult flavor chocolate cake / please ask for the date before ordering

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320g x 1
หลังจากที่ได้รับสินค้า 3 วัน
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Adult Flavored Hurricane Cake / French Favna Cocoa, Cointreau Orange



Adult flavor chocolate cake / please ask for the date before ordering


**Adult Flavored Hurricane Cake / French Favna Cocoa, Cointreau Orange** . Coventa cocoa powder from France, the cocoa tastes full of flavor, plus the Cointreau orange wine embellishment, Let the chocolate cake not only have the taste of chocolate, but also bring a little orange wine aroma. Don't worry, you won't feel that it is very good, don't be afraid, order a meal and see. - The hurricane cake of Maimaru is not decorated with whipped cream, handmade, non-foaming powder and other chemical additives. With the simplest ingredients, the most simple taste is presented, so that everyone can enjoy a delicious and reassuring hurricane cake. The hurricane cake of Maimaru does not have fresh cream, just simply enjoy the moist, fluffy cake body and different taste changes. - **The materials used are Japanese Showa Milling Powder, Japanese Sugar, Plant Liquid Oil, and Small Farmer Fresh Milk.** **Freshly sent chicken eggs in the pasture, do not use antibiotics, regular inspection.** - **Maimao only works by one person, in order to take care of the quality, the production quantity is limited,** Please ask for the date and taste first, please forgive me for any inconvenience (鞠躬). Please read the following rules carefully and agree to order again, thank you. **On Sundays and Saturdays, due to the rest of the home delivery company, the home delivery is suspended.** - Hurricane Cake Size Description The hurricane cake is about 6.6 inches and has a diameter of about 17cm. It is suitable for 3-4 people. - The shelf life is 3 days. If it is not consumed, please seal it in the refrigerator. Allow the cake to warm up for at least 5-10 minutes before serving to restore the best taste. Use natural ingredients, no additives, please eat as fast as possible to ensure freshness and taste. After the lid of the cake box is opened, open it from the side for easy removal of the cake. - The ugly words of the delivery of the house are first mentioned and agreed to reorder. We all know that the road of home delivery is far and hard, so some collisions or walking are inevitable. If you can't accept it, please don't be tempted to place an order. Otherwise, you are not happy. - The cake is refrigerated and shipped at a cost of 160 yuan, which is the responsibility of Mr. Black Cat. If you encounter a peak delivery period, the arrival date may be delayed. Peak period: for example, before and after the Lunar New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, etc. **On Sundays and Saturdays, due to the rest of the home delivery company, the home delivery is suspended.** Shipping instructions Shipping costs 1-2 160 yuan Shipping costs 3-4 225 yuan Shipping cost 5-6 290 yuan For more than 7 shipping charges, please ask for a quote. If you order more than three, please communicate with Maimao first, and you will be given the option to manually order. Because the platform freight is set by the system, Maimaru does not want to overcharge your shipping costs. You can only manually add temporary options, or open another store to let you place orders directly. - Environmental protection loves the earth, so there is no simple plastic cake knife. If necessary, please purchase more, plus the purchase price of 2 yuan.


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