Fiber fresh jasmine (jasmine green tea Jin Xuan) Canned Series / Triangle tea bags of herbal tea] [HERDOR

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herdor เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

1 - 3 วัน
Fiber fresh jasmine (jasmine green tea Jin Xuan) Canned Series / Triangle tea bags of herbal tea] [HERDOR


Lightness finds beauty Jasmine
Slender, elegant kiss will fall in love with a kiss

Fresh jasmine incense [] does not contain any additives and pigments
Made with natural jasmine aromatherapy
Fragrance and any additives
Its sweet aroma aromatherapy on a green tea
So that both tea and fresh flowers Ganrun

Flowers intertwined milk [thick but not greasy taste heavy and mellow]
Top Alpine Jin Xuan tea plus fresh jasmine
Complicated process three times from aromatherapy
Elegant emitting a faint perfume of jasmine
While meeting the smell and taste sweet and fresh

Tea dedicated fans love jewelry box [] • loose tea
Fantasy jewelry box exterior design
Built-in vacuum-sealed foil bag loose tea
The Affordable fans love to tea
More willing thick tea embellished wit life

2nd secret brewing tea bag to make [more affordable]
Unlike cheap tea bag can not be rushed back
After HERDOR tea bag brewing in the secondary
Still retains mountains Jin Xuan tea
Is your best choice for budget-conscious post

Not long bubble top mountain tea astringent key [+] Mining artificial hand
HERDOR long bubble tea bag can not astringent
The key tea from Alishan mountain tea area
Insist on hand-picking one mind tea leaves to ensure complete
Quenching the chain's top HERDOR tea

(A) the collection of canned ﹝ 20 / triangle teabag / Weight 4.0g / bags ﹞ x1 tank
(B) canned ﹝ 20 into the fashion / triangle teabag / Weight 4.0g / bags ﹞ x1 tank

**Save time:**years
**Ingredients:**hand mining mountains Jin Xuan tea, jasmine incense
**Degree of fermentation:**lightly fermented
**Baking degrees:**Not roasted
**Tea:**fresh jasmine accompanied by a unique natural milk flavor Jin Xuan
**Tea:**green translucent
**Cuisine:**tea with jasmine perfect fusion of light sweet flavor, mouth sweet
**Maximum Features:**Fragrance and any additives, selected top alpine Jin Xuan tea plus fresh jasmine incense made three times, complicated work, which was sweet aroma of incense in the green tea Jin Xuan

**Brewing method:**
**Tea bags**- tea bags into the cup, add 300-350c.c of 95 ℃ water, soak for about 3 to 5 minutes to enjoy, based on personal preferences to adjust the soaking time or add milk, honey Wait.

**Loose tea**- tea container placed about 1/5 to 1/4, recommended to choose more than 95 ℃ hot or boiling water to brew the tea leaves unfold completely original piece, soak times will vary depending on personal preferences may be recommended to taste the flavor.


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