Small purse sparkle 39 with wide open gauze and bead embroidery

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All are hand-embroidered ones. Various materials found in Japan and overseas are arranged abundantly and carefully finished one by one.



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Small purse sparkle 39 with wide open gauze and bead embroidery


It's been about 7 years since I launched the moon. We have collected various materials from Japan and overseas. I gathered and looked at the glittering materials that stimulated my curiosity, and waited for them to take shape someday. By watching and listening to various things, I was able to enrich my inner self and finally catch up with the materials I found. It seems that it was born in that way. The beads and thread that are sewn tightly dance like an abstract painting. Not only does it shine, but the parts are matted to create an elegant finish with a variety of bright colors. It is a completely unique item that is not found anywhere and is not worn by anyone. When you take it out of the bag, you will be asked "Where is it?" Which brand? Which country? Where did you get it? What kind of meaning "where?" Will pop out? It is a small purse. It is a type of mouthpiece that can be opened by pushing the small plate in the center of the mouthpiece. Fine embroidery is applied to the gauze fabric with the quilt core with threads and beads. Comes with a small cute tassel. The thread used was made by combining three types of selected threads. It is perfect for putting small items such as candies, coins, medicines and accessories. I use a lot of fine beads, but it is difficult to remove because it is glued from the back. It is a one-of-a-kind item that is carefully hand-finished one by one. * Due to the sewing process and the characteristics of the material, fine wrinkles may appear on the outer material, especially around the base. There is no problem in using it, but we recommend that you do not purchase it if you are interested. In addition, please note that we cannot accept returns after purchase. Material: Gauze fabric, beads, etc. Base size: Approximately 3 x 7.5 cm Overall size: Approximately 7 x 12 cm (excluding base) Weight: Approximately 40g Handling Precautions: Due to the characteristics of the material, the fabric may fluff or the beads may fade due to friction or rain. We also sell works on other sites. If there are duplicate orders, we will give priority to the customer who placed the order first. Thank you for your understanding.


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