Soy milk beauty soap [Matured for half a year old soap-can wash and bathe]

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◆Skin type: suitable for all skin types, bath and wash, suitable for adults and children. ◆Weight: 90g±5% ◆The low-temperature cold preparation method can completely retain the nutritional value of vegetable oil. ◆Adhere to the whole process of pure hand-made, the texture is more delicate.



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Soy milk beauty soap [Matured for half a year old soap-can wash and bathe]


Raw materials: coconut oil, palm oil, Australian walnut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, Indigo Naturalis powder, compound essential oils. *Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, enhances immunity, and has excellent cleaning power. *Palm oil and palm kernel oil are rich in vitamin E, plant sterols and carotene. Because they are rich in very high vitamin E, palm oil is also a natural antioxidant. *Macadamia nut oil is mild in oiliness, does not irritate the skin, has good prolongation, and does not feel greasy when used, and has a strong penetrating power, which can be quickly absorbed by the skin. Because of the high palmitic acid content, it can promote cells It regenerates and moisturizes aging skin. It has great benefits for the recovery of aging skin. In addition, argan oil also contains rich fatty acids necessary for the skin. It has good moisturizing function and can keep skin moisturized and bright. . *Sweet almond oil has natural minerals, sugars, vitamins, and collagen. It has a soft, gentle texture and excellent skin affinity, which can deeply nourish and repair the skin. *Olive oil has natural squalene ingredients that can add moisturizing effect to the skin and repair the skin. *Indigo Naturalis powder is cold and heat-clearing, cooling blood and detoxifying. The ethanol extract of Indigo Naturalis has antibacterial effect. It can be used as a natural dye when added to handmade soap. *The production of handmade soap is the saponification of oil and alkali. Natural glycerin is produced during the process, which is an excellent humectant The skin softener is good for moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, with a high proportion of natural glycerin, the skin is the warmest and moisturizing cleansing. Not dry after washing. *Handmade soap is good for environmental protection, because handmade soap is different from chemical detergents. It will be broken down into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria within 24 hours of contact with water. It will not cause environmental pollution and threaten organisms even if it flows into rivers and seas. Precautions: 1. The product is purely handmade. If the surface is white, it is the normal performance of the saponification reaction. Please feel free to use it. 2. Purely handmade, in order to avoid waste, it will not be overly trimmed! 3. Store handmade soap in a cool place, and do not place it in a place exposed to sunlight. 4. With soap bag or bath ball can help produce foam, drain and keep dry after use. 5. Handmade soap is made of natural ingredients, and it is normal for the color to fade. Please use it with peace of mind. 6. When using, please avoid the eyes, if you touch your eyes, please rinse with water. 7. Handmade soap has no added preservatives, please use it as soon as possible. 8. The shelf life is one year. If there is no oil or rancidity after the shelf life, you can still use it with peace of mind. 9. Purely handmade, non-factory wholesale, non-machine processing, each batch of goods has a slight difference in fineness.


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