Milk Tea/ Khaki– Contrasting Color Cross Headband | Handmade by Haibo

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Hebbian Handmade
Hebbian Handmade
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Milk Tea/ Khaki– Contrasting Color Cross Headband | Handmade by Haibo


Milk Tea/ Khaki– Contrasting Color Cross Headband | Handmade by Haibo ✧-----✧-----✧--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ●Work Material● Cloth: Knotted yarn ancient cloth Elastic band: elastic elastic band made in Taiwan ●Work size● The width of the headband is 5~6 cm Suitable for girls with a head circumference of about 53~56 cm The error range is about 0.5~1 cm Girls with smaller or larger head circumferences or those who like wearing loose-songs are welcome to contact me by private messaging. The boy's head circumference is relatively large, so it is also recommended that you discuss it privately! ●Wearing method● First tidy up your hair. You can tie a ponytail, ball head or put your hair down and straighten it at will. 1. Put the headband around your neck and pull out the back hair (a bit like wearing a necklace). 2. Put the back of the headband close to the hairline of your neck, pull the headband upwards, over the bangs/forehead. 3. The hair bands on both sides will be behind the ears, and the intersection will be on the top of the head. 4. Organize your bangs, hair, and headband, and you're done! Short hair to long hair are suitable for wearing headbands. There are also many ways to wear cross hairbands with different hairstyles on the Internet. You can search for "cross headband wearing methods" and choose according to your hair style! ●Cleaning method● If you encounter moisture, it is recommended to dry it in a cool place. If it is dirty, it is recommended to wash it by hand in cold water and dry it in the shade. If there are wrinkles, use an iron to lightly iron them to flatten them! **Note: The color of the fabric at the elastic band may be different from the color on the photo (but it will be one of the two colors in the photo), which will not affect the use~ The goods are mainly in kind, and you can ask for any questions in private! ✧-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------✧ About Hebbian Handmade Hyber's Law, a neuroscience about memory and learning. There are many different cells in the brain. When they are activated, they will become a powerful and complex group, imprinting memories deeply in the mind. Just like when you see blue, you think of the ocean. Just like smelling coffee, you can let yourself wander in a leisurely afternoon. With a little guidance, all the good will be connected. I hope that the warmth of my palm can be passed to every you/your heart, and let my works accompany you through all the challenges. Hebbian Handmade One-man Hand Tailor Workshop / Taiwan ✧-----✧-----✧--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✨Precautions before shopping✨ 👉🏻 For every product sold, 5-10 yuan will be donated to the Cancer Foundation. (The donation details will be published on the FB/IG page every three months) 👉🏻 Hand-made inevitably has some hand-made traces (ex. thread ends), and the car line cannot be as straight as the factory-made, perfectionists please think twice. 👉🏻Because the fabric cutting positions are different, the patterns are not always in the same position, so each work is unique! 👉🏻The color of different mobile phone displays will be somewhat different, and the works are mainly in physical colors. 👉🏻The product will be produced for you after receiving the order, it will take several working days. It will be sent to you as soon as the production is completed! 👉🏻 Hand-made products are not returned due to major negligence caused by the seller. 👉🏻 Any questions, please ask privately 👌🏻


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Hair band is a decoration for girls to embellish hairstyles and make them look more unique. Short hair, long hair, curly hair... Girls with any hair style look good on them, and the shape of the bun head can also make you look more energetic!


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