[School tea taste reading gift box] reading essential tea | with hand gift preferred | afternoon tea

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มากกว่า 10 ชิ้น
5g x 8
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Inspired by the series of documentary poems in the bookstore, the bookstore culture is the title of four Taiwan native/local flowers. Draw an illustration and write a poem. Co-developed a five-generation tea brand "Cha Niang" to develop a filter-



[School tea taste reading gift box] reading essential tea | with hand gift preferred | afternoon tea


Named after the poem name and the name of the flower for the tea, considering the convenience of modern life, the unique filter-type tea bag of [Chaniang Chaniang] is adopted. Contains 4 flavors, 2 sachets each, for a total of 8 packs. The taste is introduced as follows: ★The only calm lily of the wind★ Main ingredients: dried lily, chamomile, calendula, cornflower + oriental beauty tea *Taste description: The taste of tea is mellow and rich, and the unique aroma of lily and chamomile is combined with the unique fruit aroma of oriental beauty tea, adding the colorful and colorful of calendula and car. Surrounded by tea, comfortable tea, and enjoyment of tea, once satisfying the unique taste of the three senses, the slightly sweet and rich multi-layered taste makes you feel the quiet happiness. ★We are all the same の野茉莉★ Main ingredients: jasmine, lavender, mint, black tea *Taste description: Based on Taiwan honey black tea, it is made with mint to give the scent of jasmine, with the unique charm of clear and soft, pleasant and pleasant floral fragrance, fresh and smooth taste; the beautiful combination of jasmine and lavender presents a unique fragrance and elegant aroma. The slightly cool taste of mint and the mellow taste of black tea have the taste of the former fragrant rhyme, like jasmine, beautiful but not swaying, simple and beautiful. ★ Silently touches the soul of the fire mother grass ★ Main ingredients: Foam mother grass, lotus leaf, black tea *Taste description: It seems to be dressed in white with a little yellow flower skirt, which is very small and cute. It is decorated with lotus leaf fragrance to bring out the elegant woody aroma of the charcoal grass, combined with the sweetness of Taiwan honey black tea, bringing a fresh and gentle and comfortable taste. The sweetness and richness around the mouth, the calm and delicate elegance. ★Flat in the morning and evening reading the wild rose (the clenched answer)★ Main ingredients: rose hips, rosemary, oriental beauty tea *Taste description: The rose hips with a slightly acidic appearance at the entrance, with a floral scent on the tail, adding a strong, stimulating, penetrating yet fresh and attractive rosemary to the tea, surrounded by rosemary and oriental beauty The calming aroma of the tea blend, the fruity flavor of the sweet back, seems to be like a romantic love, which is pleasant and memorable.


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