gallery. Black lace necklace. Iridescent Moonstone X South America Brazil Wax Necklace

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gallery. Black lace necklace. Iridescent Moonstone X South America Brazil Wax Necklace


★★ Black Lace Necklace ★★ Iridescent Moonstone X South America Brazil Wax Necklace Gorgeous black lace totem, garnished with a drop of moonstone, the strong sense of existence makes people look away. ◇ Gem Knowledge: Moonstone is also called moonstone, and its surface is glittering with different colors due to the moon halo effect, including white light, iridescent light and blue light. Its energy is very meticulous, as soft as moonlight, replenishing the energy of our body and mind, restoring internal emotions, and regaining tranquility and harmony. Wearing moonstone can develop intuition and enhance inspiration, so it is widely favored by fortunetellers and spiritual healers. ◇ Material: Iridescent Moonstone / 925 Sterling Silver / South American Brazilian Wax Line ◇ Size: Moonstone bag inlaid with 2.5x1.6cm / Lace totem width is about 0.9cm / Necklace is shortest 30cm, longest 72cm, length can be adjusted freely. ◆ About natural stone Each natural stone is the treasure of the earth and has formed a special healing energy after millions of years. Each stone of the BUHO family is a natural crystal ore, with different textures, clouds, ice cracks, and small ore shortages, forming a unique look in this world. This is the charm of natural stones. ◆ South American wax line features We choose the best quality wax thread from Brazil, which is qualified by the European Union. It does not contain heavy metals and does not cause allergies. Because of its waxy surface, good water resistance, it will not produce odor for long-term wear. Newly woven jewelry will be stiffer, and it will become softer and brighter as the wearing time increases. ◆ Precautions for natural stone enclosing: When using wax line encapsulation, we will always wrap the natural stone as tightly as possible. However, after a long time of wearing, the wax line will slightly expand and contract, which is a normal phenomenon. Under normal wearing conditions, the natural stone will not fall off. However, pulling the wire and natural stone strongly, or immersing the jewelry in water for a long time, these behaviors will cause the natural stone to fall easily and cause damage to the jewelry. Please pay special attention! When not wearing, it is recommended to store the jewelry after cleaning (for example, store it in a chain bag), so that it can isolate moisture and prolong the life of the baby. ◆ Maintenance and precautions ◇ Wax line cleaning: If it is dirty, you can wash it with water or a little soap with a toothbrush. ◇ Metal (copper / silver) maintenance: Copper / silver accessories will oxidize with human contact and environmental influences, and it is normal for the color to become darker. Avoid wearing hot springs and swimming. When not in use, it can be stored in a sealed zipper bag. It can be wiped with a silver cloth, or gently brushed with a toothbrush and a little toothpaste (or citric acid). After drying, the original bright luster can be restored. ◇ Natural stone purification: Due to the different texture characteristics of each natural stone, it is recommended to purify it with smoke, so as not to damage the baby. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Handmade


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Iridescent moonstone. 925 sterling silver. South American Brazilian Wax Line


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