珐琅 Series 珐琅 Peony Branch Blue Bird Earrings Pre-order

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Birds, symbolizing freedom and freedom. Birds that stay in the treetops, rest for the purpose of the next journey, stay


chiching design

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珐琅 Series 珐琅 Peony Branch Blue Bird Earrings Pre-order


Branch bird series Branches Birds Birds, symbolizing freedom and freedom. Birds that stay in the treetops, rest for the purpose of the next journey, stay tired, sleep, hungry and eat delicacies. Bring hope and spirit to your own family and friends. food! The cute sparrow does not need to turn into a phoenix. Being yourself is the best goal of life! The bird's feather color is colored layer by layer. The designer needs to spend the spirit and time to compose it. The gesture of marking the bird is on the metal. , It is both lively and vivid, creating another unique style of jewelry. The peony flower, the rich and auspicious flower language, represents the hope that life is full of happiness and real sense ~ The elegance and dignity of the flowers, the king of flowers, smelled like the breath of lively colors in spring. Stacking the petals into a triangular shape, the energy of the triangle is the most powerful, with the blue spectrum of labradorite, adding to their own gas field and style. Each peony is a designer painting and painting, so each one is a unique design. https://youtu.be/2veWHmd7MuY ♥ size : The main body is about 20mmx13mm (length and width) ♥ material : Brass, auricular 925 sterling silver and earrings, cold enamel, elongated stone beads (red peony) or garnet beads (藕 purple peony), swarovski crystal diamond ♥ package : Exquisite packaging design Packaging and fonts are hand-made and written by the studio. https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3718/33293823522_e1d60d412e_b.jpg Can also be the design of home decorations ~ https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3695/33321379201_8050ffddc0_b.jpg The upper cover can be used as a stand to stand firm, and the bottom side can also be affixed with double-sided foam rubber for more stability. Wall decorations ~ https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3764/33321322491_cab54d694d_b.jpg Each piece is like a designer's collection of beautiful animals and plants, and the name of the beautiful things, careful collection of these hard-earned treasures ~ jewelry like a collection of plant specimens and animal specimens, approachable and close to nature to learn and live. May you savor this work and do it one by one. 保养 Maintenance: Basically, the drill is very strong and it is not easy to drop or peel off, but do not press it or fold it. Take a bath and go to sleep. Do not use chemicals. Try not to touch water. Touch the water as soon as possible. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/794/26964349158_49197a8df7_b.jpg The cold dye used in the studio was imported from Europe. Although the price is slightly expensive, it is safe and can be used on food utensils. On metals, pigments, to minimize the user's allergen and wearing comfort, It is chiching design https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/898/41586457375_dd6171e523_b.jpg Mur murmur : All shots are lighted. In order to clearly show the micro size of the color lines and the appearance of the lines, the gloss of the work is a warm feeling, not a shiny one. The hand-painted lines and hand-made traces are slightly different from the goods. , Create unique features, Thank you! One pair (two) is an order quantity unit. Pre-order Branches Bird Series Birds, representing the symbol of unrestrained freedom staying in the treetops of the birds, the purpose of the journey to the next short break stay, when tired to sleep, when hungry to eat delicacies. Forever but also for family and friends to bring hope And spirit food!Cute sparrow does not need to become Phoenix, only do itself is the best goal in life! The bird feather color patterns layer by layer, designers need to spend time with the spirit of a painting composition. Scoring birds profile on metal Both lively and vivid, jewelry will create another unique style. ♥ size : around 20mmx13mm ♥ material : Brass, 925 silver earring stud, cold enameling, swarovski crystal, Labradorite ♥ package : Beautiful jewelry box and bag ♥ murmur : make by order. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Design and Manufacturing


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