Collection grade natural Russian beeswax safe and calm brand pendant gold bag honey artistic conception

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Collectible natural fine ore beeswax gold bag honey pendant, beautiful artistic conception, can not be encountered, size 59 × 29 × 20MM, weight 24.6 grams, with natural ore turquoise bead chain, total weight 35.6 grams, atmospheric models, good color, The price is very low, you can earn it, the real thing is super beautiful, pay attention to the shop to send


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Collection grade natural Russian beeswax safe and calm brand pendant gold bag honey artistic conception


**Creation:**a moment **Introduction:**Collection-grade natural fine ore beeswax gold-coated honey pendant, with beautiful artistic conception and unprecedented encounter, size 59×29×20MM, weight 24.6g, with natural ore turquoise bead chain, total weight 35.6g, Atmospheric models, good condition, ultra-low prices, you can earn money, the goods are super beautiful, pay attention to the shop to send coupons! -------------------------------------------------- -------------- **〔Brand Story〕** "In a moment" people are complicated, and people are simple. Or become a Buddha, Or become a demon, people are between the Buddha and the Devil; in one thought, many Things have been decided and changed. Our work wants everyone The wearer calms down to find the true self, feels the life attentively, attentively Realize the true wisdom of life. I think every natural gem contains life, and there is The unique stories produced by the changes of the years, and these moving stories, Refined through the ingenuity of the designer and displayed in front of people. Combination of various kinds of wood and various gem crystals on traditional wenwan Together they immediately become colorful, and the work is full of China Wind, but there is no lack of fashion, the perfect fusion of classic and modern, traditional The collision of aesthetics and modern art, together deducing tradition and modernity, Rustic and comfortable beauty. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- **〔Text play significance〕** Each wenwan collection is an art work, and wenwan is An aesthetic process is a process of appreciating art, appreciating Art can not only improve one's mood, but also improve art taste. In addition to the aesthetic value of appearance, the Wenwan collection In the spiritual value, every wenwan collection contains special The cultural significance of the game To reflect and summarize, so as to perceive a higher level of life wisdom process. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- **〔Feeding Messages〕** No matter how tired, you have to enjoy the scenery around you. The faint flowers are very fragrant and fresh. No matter how annoying, you must embrace life sincerely. A light life is pure and clear. No matter how painful it is, it must be pretended that nothing happened; no matter how bitter, it must be covered with spring breeze. Because the faint smile is mellow and beautiful, the faint friendship is really sincere. -------------------------------❤------------------ -------------------


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