Myanmar jade A goods jade lotus year fish white crystal clamshell citrine design bracelet gift

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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missla Jewelry Handmade Energy
missla Jewelry Handmade Energy
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Myanmar jade A goods jade lotus year fish white crystal clamshell citrine design bracelet gift

รายละเอียดสินค้า Welcome to 【Le Zang|Light Jewelry|Handmade Energy,】 Mother Banniang is an overseas Chinese in Myanmar, who has been admiring the beauty and goodness of jade since she was a child. I am convinced that wearing crystal jade can become an invisible force, Overcoming all kinds of difficulties, I want to share this energy with everyone who needs energy, Bring happiness, and can represent their own yearning and texture. Fish has a special auspicious meaning. The homonym of fish and "Yu" is a symbol of wealth, and fish is homonymous with "Yu", meaning wealth. Therefore, the designer connects the lotus leaf and the fish "There is fish in the year of the lotus" and "There is fish in every year", which also means " More than every year." ==================== |Material/ Material| White crystal / citrine / clam / jade |Accessories/Specifications| Tibetan Silver Wire: Japan imported elastic wire (sturdy and durable, normal use can last for more than a year before it becomes loose, unless external force is pulled or sometimes the bracelet has too much negative energy to block the brake, it is easy to break, please rest assured to wear) |Hand circumference size| The size of the hand circumference is customized. (If the actual hand circumference has a decimal point, please fill in the remarks column when placing an order) ==================== 🔸Crystal Spirituality: 【White Crystal: Purifier】White Crystal ✨Improve work efficiency ✨Anti villain ✨Build prestige ✨Prosperous wealth ✨Avoid evil and block evil" White crystal is known as the "king of crystal", which prevents evil and transforms evil spirits, purifies negative energy and strengthens the human body's magnetic field. The powerful healing crystal can expand, store, release and regulate energy. Develop the potential of wisdom, enhance memory, help studies, prevent radiation, help health, clear the mind, stabilize emotions, and have the effect of safeguarding safety. The white crystal can automatically absorb the negative energy around the human body or on the body, and naturally it can make people's fortune better. The most widely used and most representative Gemstone. 【Citrine: Stone of Wealth】Citrine ✨Enhance wealth ✨Increase self-confidence ✨Always keep joy ✨Relieve emotions Bring partial wealth and create unexpected wealth. It is also an excellent healing Stone, which can relieve emotions and relieve stress. Corresponding to the sun wheel, it helps the stomach and intestines, helps memorize, logic, organize, recite, and enhance personal self-confidence. " 【Clam: Purification】Organic Gems The clam is an auspicious object for the Buddha's spiritual cultivation, which can eliminate disasters, avoid evil, and suppress evil. One of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, clam shells are an auspicious object for the Buddha's spiritual practice. It can eliminate disasters, avoid evil and suppress evil, protect safety, improve Feng Shui, eliminate worries, increase wisdom, and protect others. Therefore, long-term wear can be used. Improve insomnia. 🔸People raise jade and jade raise people "People raise jade for three years, and jade raises one's life." The ancients said that admiring jade is beautiful, and gold is valuable and jade is priceless. Jade is buried underground for thousands of years or hundreds of millions of years. It has absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, so it has spirituality. Jade contains a lot of mineral elements. Therefore, people often say that people raise jade and jade to nourish people. If the owner is in good health, long-term wearing jade can nourish jade. , Jade’s head, that is, its refractive index, will get better and brighter. On the contrary, if the host is not in good health, the jade will help the host absorb negative energy, and gradually dim and even break apart for the host. The precious A-cargo natural jade is not only rich and beautiful, but also able to protect safety and prevent disasters. It has always been considered to have the power to protect the body and ward off evil spirits. It is favored by the rich and aristocrats, and it can open three fortunes: "career, love, and fortune." ." In addition, the female Dai Yu said: "Before marriage, Dai Yu is married; after marriage, Dai Yu is in charge of money and power." Under Reminder: natural emerald manual polishing, each one the size of a slightly different color, pattern within a Stone emerald, color points are all normal, requiring flawless greatly cautious orders. thanks "Natural Stone Tips" • Every natural stone needs tens of thousands of years of accumulation to be born. Each natural stone is unique. Natural products will have some ice cracks, mineral defects, black spots, uneven color, crystal cotton, etc. When the situation arises, we will pick out the more obvious flaws in the production process, but perfection cannot be guaranteed. The inevitable flaws are also the charm of natural stone. If you can't accept it, please don't buy it! • The energy and characteristics of each natural stone will be different, and there will also be different changes due to the owner's magnetic field energy or different care methods. If you have any questions, you can chat and ask. ========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== "Use and Maintenance" • All accessories must avoid contact with chemicals and wear while sleeping to extend the luster of the accessories. Because the crystal absorbs a lot of negative energy around the body and protects the owner, it takes time to recover. Before going to bed, it is recommended to purify the crystal and give it a time to recharge, so that you can have enough vitality during the day. •Because the accessories are all handmade, please protect them carefully and avoid pulling them vigorously. ========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== Before the "Energy Service" crystals are shipped, they have been deeply purified with earth energy "Introduction to Efficacy and Functions" •Natural crystal can produce electric current effect is the so-called [magnetic field], and some scientists have found that crystal can store memory! Crystal is very common as a healing Stone that has healing power on the human body. It can affect human energy and take away discomfort and negative emotions. , Bring a balance of body and mind. Crystal healing power has been proven and widely used for thousands of years. Let us explore the universe, mind and mysterious power together. Having crystals and natural ores is the best proof you can't miss! • Corresponding chakras The concept of chakras comes from Indian yoga. They are the seven energy centers of the human body. Because these seven energy centers are spiral-shaped, they are named seven chakras; people can pass through these chakras to receive and transmit spiritual or other Performance energy, these chakras correspond to different colors of light, and these lights are also one of the sources of energy. They are the bottom chakra, manipura chakra, stomach chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, and crown chakra. When the energy of each chakra is stable, it means that the state of the body, mind, and mind can be developed in a balanced manner, in a good state, and can smoothly handle various problems. But when the chakras are in an unhealthy state, it will cause various problems, including weakness, illness, mental instability, etc. At this time, the color light energy and energy vibration of crystals and minerals are used to heal the chakras, which is why wearing crystal natural stones can help improve! ========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== "After-sales service" The complete warranty card, as well as maintenance instructions, provide a free warranty replacement. If you have any crystal wearing problems, you can also consult with us. "Precautions" • Please confirm the size and description before subscripting. All the merchandise in the store is customized. "Seven-day reward period is not included"/No return or exchange scope under normal circumstances • The product photos are all taken in natural light, and the colors have been adjusted to be the same as the actual products. However, due to the different screen resolutions of each person's computer or mobile phone, there will be chromatic aberration problems.


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Fish has a special auspicious meaning. The homonym of fish and "Yu" is a symbol of wealth, and fish is homonymous with "Yu", meaning wealth. Therefore, the designer connects the lotus leaf and the fish "There is fish in the year of the lotus" and "There is fish in every year", which also means " More than every year."


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