Boogie 咘 唧 quality organic natural pet scouring a large two small combination (Yi Jun fresh melon)


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  • A big two small combination
    Yi Jun fresh melon 500ml
    Shufenfen Cang Long 30ml
    Lihua concentrated lily flower 30ml

    Unique fragrance ● antibacterial deodorant ● mild not to stimulate

    (˘ ³˘) ♥ High quality natural organic ingredients, friendly environment (Eco-friendly)

    ♥ Taiwan R & D and manufacturing ♥

    **♫ [Yi Jun] fresh melon ♫**
    Before taste: bergamot
    In the taste: melon
    After taste: beeswax, vanilla
    Melon fruit flavor fresh and sweet, is the smell of all people will fall in love with the hearty.

    ♫ [Lihua] Concentrated flower ♫
    Before taste: citrus, lime
    In the taste: jasmine, lily, Elan Yilan
    After taste: musk, vanilla, amber
    Aroma mature and mature, like a gorgeous blooming flowers, a little nostalgic powder flavor, Jiaoren memorable.

    ♫ [Shufen] Fragrance Cang Lan ♫
    Before taste: pears, apples, bergamot
    In the taste: rose, violet, clove
    After taste: sandalwood, amber, musk
    Floral fragrance moderate, with berry sweet, sweet revealed a little charming temperament, youth sexy.

    "Boogie" word from the 1970s when the disco prevails,
    Refers to the people who hear the strong rhythm of popular music,
    Can not help but put music, enjoy dancing, heat swing!
    "Boogie" wants to pass a kind of life with people, exchange and warmly into the attitude of life.
    We are happy to share with the hair children of any culture, knowledge or life experience,
    Also cherish the good times accompanied by,
    Determined to "Boogie" this kind of warm and sincere attitude towards life,
    Unreservedly into our world with Mao's children.

    **Design concept, give you three unique personality of the unique aroma**
    Boogie has always been very concerned about the relationship between Mao and children,
    We want to personally help children with a bath can be a more pleasant, interesting and even charming things.
    So we started to develop a different aroma of dog and dog special scrub,
    Respectively, "Yi Jun" fresh melon, "Shu Fen" Fragrant Cang Lan and "Lihua"
    Three different breaths.
    We are ingenuity to the aroma anthropomorphic, imagine three different image of the woman,
    In addition to let the hair child who keep comfortable and pleasant faint aroma, but also for their own and Mao children left a unique sensory memory.

    **Yi Jun, Shu Fen, Lihua name origin**
    You must at least know a Yi Jun, Shu Fen or Lihua.
    "Yi Jun", "Shu Fen" and "Lihua" are from three different generations,
    Taiwanese women in the popular name, also known as the "market name."
    Boogie that these names not only do not "dish", but their vaguely reveal the aroma;
    So, we will be carefully developed three different flavors of dogs and cats for scrub,
    Respectively, these beautiful names, the fragrance imagined as three different temperament of the woman.

    **Boogie seven characteristics**
    ❶ {unique aroma}
    Carefully modulated three different shades of unique aroma,
    "Yi Jun" fresh melon, "Shu Fen" fragrant Cang Lan, "Lihua"
    You must find the smell you like with the hair children are like.

    ❷ {antibacterial deodorant}
    The use of aloe vera extraction, natural antibacterial formula, effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria, so that hair children no longer smelly touch.
    To natural anti-bacterial formula, inhibit the growth of bacteria to maintain the hair child fresh and do not issue a smell,
    Rather than adding artificial ingredients in the product ingredients, so that fragrance fragrance stay a little longer,
    But the body will still produce odor, resulting in aroma and taste mixed with the uncomfortable smell.

    ❸ {selected high-quality natural organic ingredients}
    Boogie full range of products using ECOCERT certified by the excellent ingredients,
    Contains arablea aloe extract, glycosyl trehalose, chamomile extract, calendula extract.

    ❹ {non-medicinal ingredients}
    Non-medicinal scouring powder, no drug resistance problems, will not produce drug dependence, even if the daily wash no burden.

    ❺ {mild not to stimulate}
    The use of high-quality natural organic raw materials, mild ingredients,
    And the use of ECOCERT certified by the mild surfactant, will not cause sensation or irritation to hair skin.

    ❻ {Taiwan manufacturing research and development}
    From design, development to production, 100 percent manufacturing in Taiwan.

    ❼ {environment friendly}
    Natural ingredients are easily decomposed and do not cause harm or burdens on the environment.

    **Boogie's promise, never add controversial raw materials, wash up peace of mind did not burden**
    Boogie Commitment**Never add the following raw materials**,
    After a close bath with Mao's children, do not worry about any burden on the environment, the owner or the hairy child.
    ►SLS / SLES surfactants
    ►Paraben preservatives
    ► Silicon Spirit
    ► Fragrance
    ► soap base
    ► Pigments

    Boogie is committed to developing a friendly environment,
    The owner and the hair can be happy and happy to use the bath products at the same time,
    In the product packaging also put a lot of thought to design.
    Products in the packaging and advertising image to convey a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere,
    Build emotional and personal connections between the owner and the pet. Using illustrator style,
    With simple packaging and color embellishment, to convey the product composition on the natural and mild.
    In the aroma performance, ingenuity to the aroma anthropomorphic, imagine three different image of the woman,
    Through these names, the smell of the product to produce personality and emotional links.
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Taiwan R & D and manufacturing
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin / manufacturing method
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Boogie 咘 唧 quality organic natural pet scouring a large two small combination (Yi Jun fresh melon)

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