Graduated round bottom custom portrait key ring

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For environmental protection and personnel cost considerations, the design hall does not ship for less than 200 yuan (excluding shipping costs)!



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Graduated round bottom custom portrait key ring


**※Product features and specifications:** ● Draw your portrait! Also draw your clothes! ● Size is about 4*4 cm ● Single-sided double-layer design (all white on the back) ● Most of the key rings are connected by C-rings, which are easy to fall off for a long time. And we use the "double circle" connection, not easy to fall off! ! ! ● Decorative iron pieces can be engraved with numbers or English words (handwritten lettering, font can refer to the following figure) ● Color can be selected for the background of the round bottom (remark color number when ordering) ● There are three types of postures to choose from (the figure below is the layout diagram, the red circle is the key ring perforation) The left position is a single bouquet The most happy thing about the graduation ceremony is to receive a lot of beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, some flowers are not dry flowers are not good to save. So I thought that if I painted the flowers, it wouldn’t be fine. The color of the wrapping paper of the bouquet can also be changed! / The middle position is a single person taking a graduation certificate bucket Everyone is looking shy when taking a graduation photo. I am embarrassed to take any props. It’s okay to get the graduation certificate bucket ( ́,,•ω•,,) / The right posture is double Hey! friend We will continue to work hard in different places in the future. / (Small reminder: interchangeable body is not the same pattern) **※ You may also like it:** Graduation season black and white board custom portrait key **※Purchase process:** Add an official LINE after ordering: @xhk7161s It’s okay to send a portrait with a clear, unexposed, unretouched portrait and clothes style! **※Precautions:** Be sure to read the details before you buy, you can't accept it! ● The Q version of the painting is not as subjective! The same face may be seen by someone who thinks it is super-like. Some people don’t think it looks like it, but the designer must draw it and feel like it will be finished! The process of drawing by the designer also takes time and labor, so I don't accept the reason why I don't feel like it! Can provide a modification, the place you want to modify can be described in detail, the designer will be easier to achieve expectations ● The color may be affected by some photos and various computer monitors. ● The finished portrait may be used by us for publicity (only the Q version of the portrait is drawn, and the live photo will not be used). If there is no special indication that it is not used as a publicity, it will be deemed as consent. ● The product is water repellent and it is not recommended to soak for a long time! If you are exposed to water, it is recommended to dry it as soon as possible. ● The production process is full of manpower, and it is inevitable that there will be some hand-made traces, but it does not affect the overall appearance. ● For environmental protection and personnel cost considerations, the design hall does not ship for less than 200 yuan (excluding shipping costs)!


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