Wind Little Girl Fashionable Lamp Rovena Made to Order Handmade

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Wind Little Girl Fashionable Lamp Rovena Made to Order Handmade


A fashionable little girl lamp full of humor inspired by the northwestern wind Vardaris (Valdaris style) that can be said to be a specialty of northern Greece, blown by the wind, fluttering skirts, and colorful umbrellas turned over ♪ Have you ever seen such a lovely and cute lamp? All the little girl lamps made of high quality solid wood and cloth are all handmade and hand painted. This stylish little girl lamp is named according to the atmosphere and personality of each little girl, and a name card is attached to the feet of the little girl. No one is the same, only one little girl in the world for you. Would you like to welcome you to your bedside, your room, your entrance, or your store? The switch cord extends from the handle of the umbrella and can be easily turned on and off with the switch button. Because it has been made high up to the middle of the thigh, the interior effect is outstanding everywhere. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** -Body size: width about 40 cm × height about 85 cm × depth about 25 cm ● Material: Doll part: Wood Clothes: Fabric purchased in Europe ● Socket: E14 (Up to 40 Watts can be used / LED bulbs can be used / Body is not included) ● Power cord and plug: ①Plug type A (100V to 125V) ②Plug type C (100V to 240V) Switch: ON / OFF switch ● Cord length: 200 cm ● Delivery: Due to the build-to-order production, we will take approximately 2 months after ordering. Thank you for your understanding. In addition, because it is a complete order production, it cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged after ordering. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** -Please read before purchasing- ★ Cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged after order due to complete order production ★ [About colors and materials] ・ Depending on your monitor and browser, the color and texture of the actual photo may look slightly different. ・ Please note that there are individual differences because the products are made of natural materials and all processes are handmade. Please purchase after understanding in advance that there are individual differences unique to handmade works. ・ Regarding the clothes part, there will be a slight difference in the finish depending on the cutting point even if the same fabric is used, such as when patterns of uneven size are placed on the fabric. Please note that there is a slight difference in the finish because it is produced by hand one by one. [Handling method] ・ Because this is a delicate product, be careful not to apply strong force or pull it. ・ Because wood is used, scratches may occur if it is scratched with a sharp object. [How to care] ・ When dust and dirt are worrisome, wipe the umbrella part, clothes part, and wood part with a cloth that has been tightly wrung to lightly remove the dust. ・ Please note that rinsing directly with a large amount of water may cause discoloration, discoloration, or damage to the product. ・ Because wood is used, please install it away from hot and humid places. It may fade or discolor due to deterioration over time.


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Little girl fashionable lamp with all handmade and hand painted wind


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