Big lily flower hat-艳红花#Summer#Sunscreen#Shading#Bright

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▲ ▲ ▲ "big lily hat", the hat body deepened, not afraid of the wind; the brim lengthening, enhance the sunscreen effect, wearing a feeling of adding a field style, like the sweet style of the girl next door!



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Big lily flower hat-艳红花#Summer#Sunscreen#Shading#Bright


Handmade, using elastic cotton lining, fixed version, even if it is stored in the bag, the extrusion is not changed, and after taking it out, it is still beautiful like a flower. Exclusive design [Dalian] flower version, 12 pieces of cut pieces, 12 cotton linings, one stitch and one line to create a wave shape like free flower edge, complicated process, exquisite workmanship, cotton color printing, showing textile and printing and dyeing. ▲▲▲ "Dalian flower hat" is like a magnified version of the "Tulip Hat", the hat body is deepened, not afraid of the wind; the brim lengthens, enhances the sunscreen effect, and the feeling of wearing adds a field style, like the sweet style of the girl next door! product features: ☆ Molding---Japanese elastic cotton lining, fixed version. ☆ Version---With the "big lily" as the main axis of the concept, exclusive design. ☆ Cloth flower---Taiwan, Japan and imported printing and dyeing cloth flowers, washing does not fade. ☆ Limited edition - a small amount of digital, handmade. ☆ Cap adjustment - inner circumference adjustment rope design, easy to adjust the size of the head circumference, strengthen the fixed, the appearance is not There will be wrinkles. ☆ The body of the hat is deepened---It is convenient to wear and take off, and it is not easy to be blown away by the wind. (((Storage a good fold, go out and travel can be folded inside the bag, convenient storage!!!))) Cap size: about 53-57cm (with adjustable rope inside, adjustable cap) Specifications: cap (body) depth 14.5 cm + brim 7.5 cm Material: cotton, cotton lining Washing method: hand wash, dry naturally (not dry) Production method: handmade Place of Origin: Taiwan (MIT) ★ "Taiwan handmade brand insists" ★ Exquisite and delicate, hand-held, different from the general factory production, even amateur hand-made hat models, whether it is stiffness, meticulousness, or staff feel, is definitely higher than the general market visible cap. Since its inception in 2008, it has entered the tenth milestone, and the principle and exquisiteness of persistence have not changed! The only change is to grow up with the people who love and support [HiGh MaLi], to become better and stronger together! Every bitter sweat and every tear is every moment of progress. I hope that in the future creative journey, you will have your company and support. With you, it is the value of HiGh MaLi! Love U Guys!


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