Sleeping Cedar pillow Sleeping pillow replacement pillow with pillow (white) 1kg Sugimura cut - natural fir can also do aroma / dehumidification / deodorant / afternoon pillow / pillow (Fujikyu Soymilk exclusive Japan)

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Taken from the edge of the edge of the position (white too), aromatic and water absorption is the most prominent feature



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Sleeping Cedar pillow Sleeping pillow replacement pillow with pillow (white) 1kg Sugimura cut - natural fir can also do aroma / dehumidification / deodorant / afternoon pillow / pillow (Fujikyu Soymilk exclusive Japan)


Material: 100% fir (white), thinned wood Sleeping pillow pillow replacement, but also the freedom to make pillow / lunch break / child pillow / dehumidifier package / dehumidification package / aromatherapy and other healing series Size: 1 kg Origin: Japan Maintenance mode: About 2-3 months when the fragrance of the fir is faded Out of the sun Natural fir fragrance is sustainable ★ Shannon Cedar contains the aroma of "cedar alcohol", with self-stability and nerve, so that the body and mind to relax the effect. [Pine sleep pillow] is made of Pan Cheng Shan, aroma purity, like a bath in the forest as comfortable. For weekdays stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia and other phenomena, there can be a moderate effect. ★ amazing! Water absorption "Cedar chops" are used Chinese fir chopsticks, which are dried by burning useful materials through a wood-fired boiler. Compared with the average wood, about 1/3 dry degree can be made of chopsticks. In other words, water absorption = sweat absorption, so the material as a pillow is very good quality. ★ softest fir Located in the northeast porch "Iwaki City", belonging to the less snow climate, so a year longer sunshine, is conducive to the growth of Chinese fir. Iris fir grow faster, fir is particularly soft, excellent absorbent characteristics. ★ Japan's only thinning fir 【Anmian Cedar Pillow】 In 2016, it was certified as the only all-wood cutting sign in Japan (National Federation of Forest Products and Composites) and Muji Kaiseki (Japan Timber Integrated Information Center) product certification. "Thinning wood" is also called thinning wood. Plantation trees more dense spacing, some trees should be removed, In order to maintain adequate spacing of trees, so that trees get plenty of sunshine, So that there is room for expansion of roots, forest growth will be more ideal. To put it simply, the wood that is removed is thinned wood. Japan's management of plantation forests has also faced similar problems with the management of plantation forests in Taiwan. How to improve environment-friendly, energy-saving low-carbon, innovative afforestation technology and forestry capacity competitiveness, There are some pretty good results. The chopsticks you see in the shop ... are the best examples. In order to revitalize the industry, in response to climate warming and international certification of wood, timber production and development needs, Is from plantations rather than natural forests, especially in the management of plantations, From the original 5% to 20%, greatly enhance the self-sufficiency rate of wood. Under the pressure of high wages and the use of imported materials, Not to clear-cut production of forest trees, and long-term cutting method of harvesting, Continuous log growth, to reduce the impact of the environment, contributed. ※ Friends of Life Store for Iwaki Takatsuki Taiwan exclusive license


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