【RLL.S Limited】 Original <Pearl Garnet & Clover> Nonhole Piercing Nonhole Pierce January Birthstone

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【RLL.S Limited】 Original &lt;Pearl Garnet &amp; Clover&gt; Nonhole Piercing Nonhole Pierce January Birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ Make-to-order production: By 12 pm payment, it will be shipped within 2 days (except Saturday, Sunday and holiday) ************ ❄RLL.S Limited ~ Original design ~ Earring parts such as resin non-hole pierced earrings and thread spring spring earrings, when you actually try to use it, there are problems such as easy to take out, easy to break, thick one who has thick ear lobes So I made this non - hole type earring. It is easy to attach, it really does not hurt. The comfort is also very good, it does not seem to be wearing ~ ~ ~ Please try by all means ************ How to attach (Be sure to attach it in the correct way!) a First find the thinnest part of the ear and let it get in there. b Slide slowly to the position you want slowly to install slowly. c Adjust the bracket part, adjust it, complete ~ People who have thin ears are more likely to shrink their widths, and those who are more likely to feel pain, please use it in accordance with the ears by opening the width a little. ★ To spread the metal fitting with both hands will cause ✖✖✖, metal deformation and pearls to be removed, so always be sure to pinch it with one hand (thumb is on the clover side, index finger on the pearl side). ★ If you repeat the bending and stretching vigorously, it may cause metal fatigue and break up, so please fine-tune only a little, only at the beginning, with the same width. Metal part material: Durable excellent K14 Gold Filled stone: Garnet (drop briolette cut): Approximately 7 - 8 mm (pure natural, unstained, so colors and cuts are also different one by one, so please accept it after acknowledgment.) Freshwater pearl (pearl): about 3.5 - 4 mm shape: button spots and spots on loose: almost no terror: very strong Overall size: about 2 to 2.5 cm ************ Garnet: "symbol of fruit" bringing unchanging love and deep bonds It is said to have the power to activate blood circulation and make it beautiful. Garnet is a stone with the power to activate both the physical and mental energy. It raises a positive feeling towards living and changes negative feelings such as fear and anxiety into bright energy. It is a stone that connects current hardships to results, so it is also recommended as an amulet for career determination and important projects. It is a stone that increases vitality and is a very good talisman for birthing relationships. This stone has been used as an amulet for a long time since it has the power to protect the owner from negative energy. It is said that it brings positive change, as winter changes to spring, because it increases the feelings of love and generous heart. Garnet, which is well known as the birthstone of January, is said to be a "symbol of fruit", going to the goal, fruiting the results of the efforts accumulated as a success, it is said to lead to success. Moreover, the effect of this "fruit" also helps the fulfillment of love. In old traditions, there seems to be sometimes expressed as deep "bonds" such as giving garnet as an oath of reunion as parting with important people, being marked as a sign of friendship. Therefore, it can be said to be a power stone symbolizing "everlasting love" deepening affection with important people. Those wishing for unchanging love with important people are said to be good if you learn as accessories.


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