Pyramid Orgonite Orgonite Tree of Life / Chakra / Spirituality / Meditation / Energy Aquamarine Amethyst

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Pyramid Orgonite Orgonite Tree of Life / Chakra / Spirituality / Meditation / Energy Aquamarine Amethyst

รายละเอียดสินค้า Meishape Universe *Each piece is handmade (made in Taiwan) and will be made according to the style. The production will start after placing the order. The production time is about 3-5 days. The relationship between handwork will be slightly different. Each one is unique. You are welcome to choose according to your personal needs. buy, let Orgenta find his owner. Because each model is handmade, it is normal to have some bubbles in it. If you are very concerned about bubbles, it is not recommended to buy, thank you. *The four tips of the pyramid are more dangerous and are easily damaged when dropped. Please place them carefully and keep them out of the reach of children. Size: 6cm X 6cm Material: epoxy resin, Bronze, gold foil, aquamarine, amethyst Customized|Customized Please contact us first to discuss the crystal style and the size of the pyramid. The estimate is based on the number of layers of the crystal. The production time is 7-14 days. After confirmation by both parties, you can place an order. Thank you Orgonite | Orgonite Orgonta is named Orgonite, named after "Orgon", Orgon: life, air, ether Oregon energy is an energy, another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our body, Oregon energy also stands for Reiki energy, Prana ), bio magnetic energy, Qi, soft electrons, life force It can be called the life energy converter or the Organ Tower. It is an ether energy conversion device. The materials made include crystal glue, metal particles, glass fibers, etc. It can absorb the negative energy of the surrounding environment, convert the device into positive energy, purify the field, maintain harmonious energy, and maintain a healthy and harmonious state. Orgonite is also used in a wide variety of applications for restoring health and some medical physics. Tree of Life|Tree of Life Tree of life design, symbolizing a new beginning in life, positive energy, healthy body and bright future; symbolizing immortality, growth and strength. The tree of life means immortality and rebirth: The tree of life is a symbol of rebirth, because the tree loses its leaves in winter and appears to be dead, but in spring, shoots and leaves grow. This represents a new beginning. The tree of life also symbolizes immortality, even if the tree grows, it will survive through new saplings. The efficacy of Orgonite|Orgonite Features 1. Prevent radiation and improve the beneficial electromagnetic waves of the human body 2. Convert negative energy into positive energy 3. Healing the mind and body and balancing the chakras 4. Improve site and feng shui 5. Feel good and happy 6. Awaken inner spiritual energy 7. Relieve stress and improve sleep 8. Boost your personal magnetic field 9. Meditation aid Crystal Features|Crystal Features 1. Gold luck and fortune: citrine, Bronze metal. 2. Popular love: pink crystal, Stone, metal. 3. Peace of mind: Stone, Stone, lapis lazuli, white turquoise, Bronze metal. 4. Learning wisdom: amethyst, lapis lazuli, Bronze metal. 5. Unlimited charm: strawberry Stone, Stone, Bronze metal. 6. Lucky nobles: citrine, amethyst, Bronze metal. 7. Purify the magnetic field: white crystal, white turquoise, obsidian, Bronze metal. 8. Business development: white crystal, blue Stone, Bronze metal. 9. Popular anti-villain: pink crystal, obsidian, Bronze metal. 10. Love wisdom: white crystal, amethyst, pink crystal, Bronze metal. 11. Vitality and beauty: agate, pink crystal, Bronze metal. 12. Wealth and villain prevention: citrine, obsidian, Bronze metal. 13. Wealth and popularity: citrine, pink crystal, Bronze metal. Each Stone has its own vibration frequency (magnetic field), and the effects on people are also different. 1. Turquoise: Corresponds to the human heart chakra, gathering wealth, prospering wealth, warding off evil spirits, keeping peace, keeping house, and warding off evil spirits. 2. Bronze hair crystal: ward off evil spirits, absorb sickness, a symbol of the powerful, prosperous in career, turn right and wrong, strengthen personal belief, self-confidence 3. Aquamarine: Corresponds to the human throat chakra, the Stone of love, strengthens the ability of expression, persuasion, healing, purification, and well-informed power. It is the most curative crystal, strengthens confidence, and strengthens self-confidence. 4. White crystal: Corresponding to the crown wheel of the human body, warding off evil spirits, blocking evil spirits, purifying, and bringing good luck. 5. Amethyst: Corresponding to the crown wheel of the human body, develop intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, and increase memory. Improve your luck. 6. Citrine: Corresponding to the abdominal wheel of the human body, self-confidence, wealth accumulation, and the main focus on wealth. 7. Pink crystal: Corresponding to the human heart chakra, helping to pursue love, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance popularity and business. 8. Stone: Corresponding to the human heart chakra, it can help relieve tension, make people feel relaxed and happy, and sleep peacefully. 9. Obsidian: Corresponding to the bottom wheel of the human body, warding off evil spirits, suppressing the house, eliminating sickness, turbidity, mildew, and preventing villains. 10. Stone: Corresponding to the human body root wheel, it can make people have charm. Attract happiness and love, increase self-confidence, vitality, vitality and endurance, benefit the health of the reproductive system; promote regeneration and blood circulation, and beautify the face. 11. Stone: Also known as "smart Stone", it can help to open up wisdom, improve spirituality, increase creative thinking, and predict and analyze abilities. In addition, Stone can strengthen interpersonal relationships. 12. Lapis Lazuli: Corresponding to the eyebrow chakra of the human body, it helps to clear the mind, bring inspiration and help creation. Calm down and reduce impulse. 13. Strawberry Stone: Corresponds to the human heart chakra, enhances love fortune, interpersonal relationships, helps attract a good marriage, and increases personal charm. 14. Tianhe Stone: Corresponding to the throat chakra of the human body, luck, rekindle confidence, and bring new hope. Treatment of trachea and respiratory tract. A peaceful, peaceful energy. Promotes emotional healing, communication skills, and increased persuasion. 15. White turquoise; corresponding to the crown chakra of the human body, bringing happiness and good luck, symbolizing auspiciousness, eternity and success. 16. Blue Stone: Corresponding to the throat chakra of the human body, gathers wealth. Courage, confidence and willpower, calm and soothe the mind, concentrate the mind, be flexible, improve the concentration at work and personal learning ability. 17. Moonstone: Corresponding to the crown chakra of the human body, also known as the lover's Stone, is a symbol of friendship and love, health, wealth and longevity, helps sleep, balances the female endocrine system, improves fertility, and relieves physical pain. effect. 18. Labradorite: Corresponding to the crown chakra of the human body, guarding love, finding soul mates, cleaning up negative energy, improving awareness, stimulating potential, soothing emotions, and helping sleep 19. Grape Stone: Corresponding to the heart chakra of the human body, it is the Stone of hope, the Gemstone of wealth, prosperous fortune, attracts good fortune, brings new hope in life, helps to improve your intuition, and can ward off evil spirits. 20. Red Rabbit Hair Crystal: Also known as red crystal, it corresponds to the umbilical chakra of the human body, expresses youth and vitality, enhances self-confidence and strength, and eliminates negative emotions 21. Tiger's Eye Stone: Corresponding to the sun wheel and the navel wheel, the Stone's Stone is the prosperous Stone, which can help wealth and career, make people focus and be brave, and block the intrusion of negative energy. ****The above Gemstone efficacy is for reference, please use it carefully, if you are unwell, please seek medical help first 😀😀**** #海奥华#pyramid#energytower#spiritual#Orgonita#Tree of Life#Flower of Life#Crystal#Meditation#Wisdom#Chakra#Orgonite#Epoxy Resin#Orgonite


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"Spirituality" is the wisdom and root of human beings, the "body" that is aware + the "soul" that cannot be perceived = the complete "person", the "feeling", "cognition" and "information" that are perceived in each person's brain, All just maintain basic life functions. Those unconscious "spiritual states" are the true masters of our destiny.


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