Dayuling Charcoal Roasted Tea 50g

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The dream product in oolong tea, 95k Dayuling oolong tea.


50g x 1
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Eson Tea

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Dayuling Charcoal Roasted Tea 50g


Commodity: Dayuling Oolong Spring Tea 75g Year: 2014 Tea Garden: Taiwan 8th Line 95k Tea Garden Teas: Oolong teas-high-altitude fragrant Nangang-style packaged tea production method Tieguanyin improved Tea: Green Heart Oolong Miaosheng Fire degree: Medium fire Degree of fermentation: light fermentation Special tea production process: increase the yellowing and softening treatment Geographical environment: The altitude is 2100 meters, the annual average temperature is 12 degrees, the highest temperature is 25 degrees, and the lowest temperature is -4 degrees. It is nourished with pure water and spring water and is located at the junction of the two streams. In the Miocene strata, the soil was composed of slate and thin sand slate interbedded, and the original forest surrounded the tea plantation, making the soil rich in minerals and organic matter, with a slope of more than 40 degrees and excellent drainage. The tea garden faces the west on the windward side and on three sides, and has strong sunshine conditions, resulting in a special microclimate zone in the tea garden. Tea description: The strong sunlight conditions and the extremely severe temperature difference between day and night, and the low average temperature lead to high levels of polyphenols, pectin, glucose, gallic acid, and theanine, and scarcity of catechins, making this type of tea The fragrance is light, mellow and sweet, rich in flowers and fruits, not bitter, and not easy to palpitate. It also has a calming and relaxing effect. It is a very dreamy tea. Process: Broadly speaking, it belongs to the process of fragrant alpine tea, but the tea garden is strong due to the strong wind on three sides and the sun is too strong. In the case that the tea cyanine is not easy to twist, it needs to be integrated into the softening process of Oriental Beauty Tea And the post-fermentation yellow tea-like cover cloth yellow process makes it easy to twist and revive the enzymes of the tea leaves, making the tea soup more active, docile and more valuable for storage. Tasting experience: When opening the packaging, the tea leaves are rich in fruity and floral aromas, and the dry color of the tea is slightly yellowish green due to the stuffy yellow technique. When the tea soup is poured, it can be seen that the bottom of the leaf is golden and oily, and the aroma is rich in floral, fruity, cane sugar, sweet sugar, milk, frost and other flavors. The color of tea soup is golden and translucent, and it is oily, and the pectin content makes the tea soup very viscous. After the tea soup is cooled, the cold fragrance still exists and is more obvious. The unfolded leaves are thick, full, soft and resilient, and the tea leaves will not break apart when rubbing the tea leaves, which is very valuable in any tea. When tasting, you need to taste carefully, because the tea soup rich in pectin is very delicate, supple, elegant and rich and changeable, when the tea soup is imported, it is sweet and smooth and very thick. The fragrance is from light to heavy. First, the floral, fruity, and tea aromas will fill the entire mouth and go deep into the throat, until there is tea in every corner of the body. When you drink it, you will also have a production area The characteristic cold feeling is different from ordinary tea. After drinking, there will be no palpitations and coughing, and the body will slowly relax five minutes after drinking. Remarks: 1. You can drink tea soup or smell the bottom of the leaf at high and low temperatures. There will be different flavors and aromas. The tea is a hot aroma type, and the cold aroma will be more obvious than the hot aroma. 2. You can smell the tea at the bottom of the cup and the tea leaves during and after drinking. 3. This tea is a special tea. Due to the climate, the tea has low bitterness, sweetness and high pectin content, but there are no additives. ------------------------------------------------ The date seal is affixed to the package, and the inner bag is made of 95m special inner bag for Yisongfang. Please be cautious when purchasing products of special origin. The tea is a hobby drink and cannot be returned due to different tastes.


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