Branch Lovers Caramel Latte Owl

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■ The loving owl lovers symbolize the life together ■ Loving healing company ■ Unique texture posture owl ■ Combined with natural dead branches freehand situation



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Branch Lovers Caramel Latte Owl

รายละเอียดสินค้า Owls are passionate lovers. When they find a cherished partner, they will accompany them for life. Standing quietly on high branches together, we accompany each other in the world of two people. Each pinch little owl has a different expression gesture, The uniqueness of wood burning makes each one a different color, Combined with natural dead branches, each unique bird branch is created. Pick a group you love and give it to unique people. -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **| Product size |** Overall size: width 19 x height 17 x length 7 cm Owl: diameter 2 x height 2 cm ※ Products are handmade, and the size measurement is within the normal range of 0.5cm. It is normal for natural dead branches to have small flaking. Please look at the photos in detail. The perfectionist can write to confirm the product details before bidding. Material: Pottery + natural dead branches -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **| Assembly Instructions |** The owl will be separated from the branch when it is sent, and will be assembled by itself after receiving **| The uniqueness of firewood |** Traditional kiln with "wood" as fuel, The beauty of firewood pursues the beauty of simplicity and gentleness, Works do not need to be glazed, It takes three days and two nights to cook, Through the dance of earth, fire and wood ash, the ever-changing beauty is produced. **| Falling Ash |** After the firewood is burned, the minerals of the firewood itself are covered with the flowing fire and covered with the flowing texture produced by co-dissolving with the earth and minerals. Different soils, different temperatures, different firewood will produce different textures. ★ The bottom of the kiln-burned works cannot be exposed to the falling ash, and the texture of the unglazed bottom is a normal state of firewood. -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **| Warm reminder |** 1. The works are all hand-made, firewood is fired, and the ash is occasionally dropped during the firing process. The sticky bottom is normal. We will grind the sticky parts, but you still see sticky marks visually. Please check the photos to evaluate Whether to accept. 2. Hand-made, keep the simplicity of the hand-made, do not pursue 100% perfection.


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