Sea / wind blowing memories

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Gypsophila / Romantic Purity Casby / If there is no love



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Sea / wind blowing memories


- Chris Daily - The sun-baked toe brush on the window Every step is as light as a crystal glass So the Crystal-like CHRIS' TOE was born. Every flower is bought with fresh flowers. a hand-made one a bunch of dry and dry Different from the ready-made dyed material Freshly pressed flowers are natural in color and have a soft tone Then use the Japanese resin process to condense the beauty of the flower in an eternal moment. -------------------------------------------------- ---- Sea / wind blowing memories Gypsophila / Romantic Purity Casby / If there is no love The small model debuted. Light and light like a wind on your ears. ◆Japanese resin fresh pressed flower shell beads ◆ gold-plated fittings (can be changed) ◆Size: The diameter of the circle is 1.3 cm and the total length is about 3 cm. ⚠️ Please understand before placing an order⚠️ —————————————————————— 925 925 silver 𓆸 (925 silver means 92.5% silver plus 7.5% copper, imprinted as S925 or silver 925). It can be confirmed from the softness of the needle and the 925 words on the ear pin to confirm whether she is 925 sterling silver. The sterling silver material is easy to form an oxidation reaction due to the environment, the sulfur in the air, the degree of acidity of the sweat in the skin, and the degree of sulfur content, resulting in silver sulfide and varying degrees of blackening, which is a natural phenomenon. 𓆸 ❘ US 14ᴋ ɢғ❘𓆸 14K Gold-Filled, 14K gold/gold injection, is forging 14K gold to the outer layer of metal embryo by mechanical pressing, which has strong bonding strength and high wear resistance. The US FTC stipulates that the 14K gold layer content is at least 1/20 (5%) of the total weight. Therefore, the words "1/20 14K GF" will be printed on the 14K GF products (except gold wire/chain and faceted metal). . It is not easy to be allergic, has high abrasion resistance and good color retention, and the K gold texture is meticulous. ▫︎ Avoid contact with any chemicals that can cause oxidation after sweating. ▫︎ If it is slightly oxidized, it must be cleaned, cleaned with water or stained with toothpaste and special cleaning products. Do not blacken and clean, avoiding the inability to restore the original pale gold. 𓆸 Stainless steel acupuncture Taiwan 304L stainless steel ear pin 镀 gilded 𓆸 Generally, a layer of metal color is plated on the outside of the copper material. If the body is easy to be allergic, it can be changed to stainless steel ear pin or 925 silver / 14kgf material is not easy to be allergic. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ ▫︎ Each piece is handmade and the flowers are placed in different locations. ▫︎ The flower is in a natural form and cannot be 100% complete. ▫︎ The flower may be faded for a long time, which is normal. 微小 Some tiny bubbles will be produced during the production process, and the shape will be somewhat different, which is purely normal. 树脂 Resin works are fragile, avoiding heavy pressure and causing scars or long-term exposure to high-temperature sunlight to accelerate yellowing. 外 The external factors such as long-term exposure to sunlight or long time lead to slight yellowing of the resin material, which is purely normal. 金属 The metal part of the jewelry is made of metal plated material, which is prone to discoloration when exposed to air for a long time. ▫︎ After wearing, use a damp cloth dampened with water to gently wipe the fingertips to prevent the “alcohol product” from damaging the gloss of the resin. 请 Place it in the box when it is not worn to reduce its damage and metal oxidation. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ 皆 All are handmade, and the production date is about 20 working days (excluding six days and national holidays). ▫︎ Inventory means the amount of material produced. 开始 Start queuing order production after completing payment. ▫︎ Ear accessories are sanitary items, and “return and exchange” will not be accepted. There is no after-sales service. ▫︎Each item will be carefully checked before being sent. If it is not damaged by human factors, it can be sent back for free repair within one month after purchase. 手工 Handmade jewelry is inevitably a little bit small (residual glue, bubbles, indentations, etc.), such as the requirement to be perfect. ▫︎ Due to the different color settings of each screen, the actual color has been taken as much as possible to reduce the chromatic aberration. If there is a slight difference between the actual object and the photo after receiving it, please bear with me. Made in Taiwan / CHRIS' TOE Chris's toe handmade Instagram : christoetw Facebook : CHRIS' TOE Chris's toe


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