Pottery Workshop │ Cover Bowl (Black / Red Yellow / Green Yellow)

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The good cover bowl has a raised tea cover, the cover is smaller than the mouth, and the cover is not easy to slip down to condense the tea. Use a bowl to make a drink, and use a lid to gently tea the tea soup to enjoy the tea buds, with a visual aesthetic



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Pottery Workshop │ Cover Bowl (Black / Red Yellow / Green Yellow)


https://farm1.staticflickr.com/815/40642629214_1eb77321f4_b.jpg Creative concept: The bowl is also known as the "three bowls." The so-called three talents are: "Heaven, Earth, People." The lid is on the table, the cup is on the table, the bowl is on the table, as if it is a small day, it is placed in the bowl. It contains the ancient philosophers: "Tianwei is the cover, the earth carries it, and the people are educated" to cultivate the thoughts of all things. In the past, Guan Shishi paid attention to the taste of life, and he was popular with bowls of tea and watching movies. The joy, anger, sorrow, and joy in the play, the stage on the stage, the contrast, the bowl in the palm, Inheriting the madness on the stage, the idiots under the stage became the taste of elegance in life. As the moving story is lived up. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/900/40642631324_4e4edefff7_z.jpg Ceramic material: The pottery glaze color of the pottery workshop is ever-changing, but it always maintains a certain level of simplicity and warmth. Combining the traditional calmness with the modern minimalist spirit, the introversion and perseverance are the spirit of the Tao Pu series. The thermal conductivity of the clay soil is moderate, and for the richness of the individual tea, it can be extracted by brewing. For the stretching of tea leaves, there is room to play. Suitable for tea soup orange yellow, taste alcoholic, semi-fermented tea or partially fermented tea, such as: Taiwan Oolong tea, Wuyi rock tea. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/899/39546861830_7263f7f591_z.jpg Maintenance method: 1. The ceramics are fragile items that are important to maintain and avoid damage and keep them clean. Avoid damage to prevent vibration, squeezing, impact, and bumps. 2. The cleaning of the utensils is washed one by one to avoid collision with each other. It is better to clean the lid and the cup separately. 3. Wash as much as possible to avoid rapid cooling, if there is dust on the ceramic, use a soft cloth to wipe, or use a brush to gently brush off the dust. 4. Do not place ceramic collections in places with high temperature and strong light, especially thin tire ceramics. Be placed properly to prevent dumping. 5. When appreciating, lay a thick cloth on the table, and take off the hard objects such as rings on your hands, be careful to scratch the glazed surface or cause a gap. When holding the object, hold the bottom of one hand and hold the body of the other hand. Never use only one hand to grab the edge of the object. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/882/27485534818_4d38cc36a8_z.jpg Product specifications: Size: 115X115X86mm Capacity: 190cc Net weight: 360g Place of Origin: Taiwan


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