Handmade felt jazz hat white

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| Tibetan Village | Ancient Craftsmanship | Taiwan Design | Ingredients: 10% yak wool, 90% Merino wool. Style: S / M / L / 2 caps. Water repellent.



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Handmade felt jazz hat white


Whether in daily life or special celebrations, hats are an indispensable part of Tibetan costumes. Perhaps it is the strong sunshine of the plateau, which makes Tibetans particularly fond of hats, even to the extent of obsession. **【Basic Information】** Ingredients | 10% yak, 90% Merino wool Head circumference | S - 57cm / M - 59cm / L - 61cm Style|Products are available in two types of caps: 1. Cross-stitched caps; 2. Plain wide-brimmed straps (Please check if the stock is still in stock before purchase.) Reminder | From the Tibetan village, the whole process is handmade, the size may be slightly different. The white style is not pure white, but with some mottled light gray, it can be accepted for purchase. **[Felt Process: The Secret of One Forming]** The reason why the felt is possible is because of the tiny and mysterious "Maolin" structure on the natural animal fiber. When there is humidity, heat and pressure, the open Mao Lin will entangle the hairs close to each other, so that they can not be separated, forming a beautiful soft sculpture without a seam. **[Modern Craft: Continue the traditional felt hat]** Traditional Tibetans have developed techniques for making animal fiber products on the plateau without cotton and silk. Felt caps are made, using simple soil and wood materials as cap molds, so various simple tip/round cap models have been developed. We use different hat models to allow Tibetan women to make hats that are suitable for modern people. **[Precious materials: Qingkang Tibetan yak]** Yak is the most critical existence to support the survival of Tibetan families in the plateau. The surface of the rough hair is the material used by the herdsmen to make tents for generations. However, under this rough appearance, there is a layer of fine hair that is also one of the best in the animal world: yak wool. Every yak can only collect a few hundred grams per year, which is more precious and rare. **[Cleaning and maintenance: accompanying long-term relationships]** 01 - How to clean - Remove dust and dirt - The dust on the surface of the felt can be removed with a sponge, a sticky cotton roller, a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner with a suitable suction port, and the like. If it is dirty, wipe it with a paper towel, cotton cloth, and wipe it with a cloth dampened with water. - Cleaning - (Note: this action will need to be reshaped) If the cleaning is to be severely soiled, the cap will need to be completely wetted, but this will also cause the cap to lose its original cap shape. Soak the hat in cold water and gently clean the dirty parts with your hands (you can use soap or cold wash). After washing, the excess water was squeezed out by hand and dehydrated by a centrifugal dehydrator. Before the hat is completely dry, reshape the hat into the hat you want and then dry it. 02 - Long-term storage Felts are made from natural animal fibers, and are naturally foods of some common insects in the home (for example, clothing moths), especially if they are stained with dirt, dirt or grease. Therefore, if you do not use it for a while, it is recommended that the donkey cap be thoroughly cleaned and then stored in a ventilated envelope to avoid mold or insects. At this time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the hat is folded to avoid deformation of the cap. 03 - Reshaping Felt is like a soft sculpture, with a magical memory: when you have molded the felt before it has dried out, it will continue to maintain that shape. If you are dissatisfied with the current cap type and want to change the cap shape immediately, you can use steam to wet and soften the skull cap, and then use the hand or hand tool as a mold in this hot and humid state to mold the hat into yours. The desired shape (you may need to apply steam several times during this process), then put it flat and dry. The steam iron can also quickly assist the hat or partial surface forming with a hat mold or proper support. However, no matter how beautiful the shape of the cap is, the hat will still be gradually deformed with the use and time. So if you want to maintain the cap shape more durable, you can spray the cloth sizing spray on the inner surface of the hood (or any part where you expect it to become stiffer). For the actual use, please refer to the sizing of each label. Instructions for use of the spray). 04 - Other related information Please refer to the "SHANGDROK Northern Shepherd" website - product care instructions.


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