All kinds of cold handmade soap / custom soap / breast milk soap

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All kinds of handmade soap, no preservatives and fixatives. You can also order the special recipe you want! Cold soaps are made at a lower temperature. Unlike hot soaps, many different oils can be added to match the properties of each soap.


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All kinds of cold handmade soap / custom soap / breast milk soap


- All soaps, soaps, alcohols, fixatives or preservatives are not added to the handmade soaps. Please feel free to use them. - Each handmade soap is available in all skin types, and the formula is adjusted to a moisturizing soap. - Handmade soaps are cold soaps, and the glycerin produced during the saponification process is left to nourish the skin. At the same time, various oils and fats can be added to adjust the characteristics of the soap. All kinds of emulsifiable soaps also need to be in a low temperature state of cold soap to prevent the milk fat from being destroyed by high temperature. // __**lactulose avocado nourishing soap**__ ▶**Ingredients**| Avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil, canola oil, olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, milk, ▶**Essential oil**| prawn pepper, happy sage, patchouli, lemon ▶**weight**|120g±5g // __**Mint Soap**__ ▶**Ingredients**| Olive oil, castor oil, Australian walnut oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, barley powder, menthol ▶**Fragrance**| Bergamot & Agave ▶**weight**|120g±5g ▶**Features**| Add menthol, which will be slightly cool when used. // __**Rose Beauty Silk Soap**__ ▶**Ingredients**| Organic Rose Petal Soaked Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Emu Oil, Castor Oil ▶**Essential oil**| Rose geranium, bitter orange leaf, Calabri bergamot ▶**weight**|110g±5g // __**Laurel and Olive**__(no added) ▶**Ingredients**| Sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, bayberry oil, olive oil, palm oil, cocoa butter ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| No added ▶**Features**|Use precious bayberry oil, so even without adding essential oils, the soap itself has a light woody aroma. It is a feeling of relaxation. No essential oils are added to make the formula more simple. Suitable for friends with sensitive skin. ▶**weight**|110g±5g // __**comfrey soap**__(pure essential oil formula soap, add olive oil soaked with comfrey for more than half a year) ▶**Ingredients**| Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, comfrey soaked olive oil, shea butter, sesame oil, castor oil, linseed oil, palm kernel ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| Lavender Complex ▶**Features**| From the Chinese side skin medication comfrey cream. The comfrey root is soaked in olive oil, which is very suitable for friends with a little skin condition. Natural deep blue purple is derived from comfrey root soaking. Without adding artificial fixative, the color will gradually fade with the passing time. ▶**weight**|120g±5g // __**木纹臻果乳皂**__(pure essential oil formula soap) ▶**Ingredients**| Sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, palm oil, shea butter, cinnamon powder, comfrey root powder, bamboo charcoal powder ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| Cedar, Sweet Birch, Large Lavender, Eye-catching Lavender, Mori's Compound Oil ▶**weight**|110g±5g // __**Spring morning morning left hand soap**__(pure essential oil formula soap, left hand fragrant plant into soap) ▶**Ingredients**| Coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, Australian walnut oil, sesame oil, left hand fragrance ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| Pheasant Pepper, Happy Sage, Lemon, Mint, Sweet Orange ▶**weight**|120g±5g // __**Chamomile Soap Bar**__(Pure essential oil formula soap, add olive oil soaked in chamomile for more than half a year) ▶**Ingredients**| Chamomile soaked in olive oil, Australian walnut oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, sweet almond oil, fresh milk ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| Happy Sage, Patchouli, Rosemary ▶**weight**|110g±5g // __**Lavender Soap**__(Pure essential oil formula soap, add olive oil soaked in lavender for more than half a year) ▶**Ingredients**| Lavender soaked in olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, fresh milk, shea butter ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| Lavender Compound Essential Oil ▶**weight**|115g±5g // __**毛毛苦楝 soap**__ Because bitter oil has a unique taste, bugs and fleas don’t like it. The hair boy is the same as the person, each person's physique is different, so you can use it locally on the belly to test for allergic reactions. If not, you can use it all over the body. ▶**Ingredients**| Coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, bitter seed oil ▶**Fragrance / Essential Oils**| No added ▶**weight**|100g±10g // **__handmade soap / breast milk soap__** Customize the flavor you want (essential oil/fragrance) or special bath feel (add loofah, salt, bubble, etc...) Welcome to discuss your needs:) ▶**weight**|1000g, it will be cut into 6-10 pieces for easy use when sent out // ─────────────────────────── ▶**Package**available in one-piece carton pack or bare (sealed) **If you need to use cushioning materials when you send them out, depending on the environment, you will use recycled materials (newspaper, cardboard, etc.) and old cartons. If you send them directly to the recipient, they will help you use bubble cloth packaging.** Precautions: ▶ Try to keep it dry after use. Soaking it in water for a long time will make the handmade soap very soft, not easy to use, and also consume quickly. It is recommended to use two pieces of soap alternately. ▶Because you want to maintain a high quality and a variety of choices, each handmade soap is only made about 6-8 pieces at a time. ▶ Handle soap should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. It should be stored in the refrigerator when it is hot and humid in summer. ✈ Hong Kong and Macau friends please pay attention to ✈ At present, it is the courier express. Recently, it has been found that there is a high probability that it will not be directly sent to the personal address you filled in. It will be sent directly to the pick-up office and you need to pick up the goods yourself. Please make sure that the address of the pick-up office is convenient for you before ordering! (Because of the type of item, the studio can only cooperate with the company, please forgive me) ➜ Hong Kong Pick-up Office Address: G/F, 7 Shek Kip Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon. ➜Macau Pick-up Office Address: Shop 063, G/F, Kang Tai House, 34 Knights Road, Black Sands, Macau


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