Draw your earth flow painting experience class

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Use the color of the earth to flow out the colors of the earth that gave birth to the earth. Rich green jungle and ocean color to flow the picture, Create your own earth flow picture
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
103 台北市 大同區赤峰街28號
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 10 นาที
1.5 ชั่วโมง
3 ปีขึ้นไป
  • ถูกชม 287 ครั้ง
  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 2 ชิ้น
  • มี 9 คนถูกใจ



มากกว่า 7 วัน
Draw your earth flow painting experience class


❈ - This time in a place full of beautiful flowers, Use the color of the earth to flow out the colors of the earth that gave birth to the earth. Rich green jungle and ocean color to flow the picture, Create your own earth flow picture Recently, when we need to pray to the earth, let us send blessings in the process of meditation, and wish the mother of the earth together, thank you for the care of Mother Earth. ✡-Classroom content-✡ 1. Introduction to mobile painting 2. Peacefully bless the Earth Mother Earth 3. Call up the appropriate proportion of color 4. The amount of color is pinched 5. Mobile skill teaching 6. Free creation time ✡-course location-✡ Everyday Floral Design. 103 Chifeng Street, Taipei City (5 minutes walk from Exit 1 of MRT Shuanglian Station) ✡- Registration fee-✡ The cost includes a large round canvas X1, all material pigment preparation, Everydaycafe Mei Tian Coffee Tea is $100 low! ✡-Participating in the experience of the students-✡ The teacher is very kind and willing to share. There are many kinds of colors in the space, so that everyone can paint their own unique texture and enjoy the time of free creation. There is no limit and subversion of imagination. It is just a simple flow. : Awesome course, through the leadership of Teacher Anu, seeing different people and inner beings, everyone is an artist👩‍🎨 : The teacher's seriousness is moving! The sleek, simple, warmth flows deep into the heart. : I am not very good at drawing. The first time I tried to flow painting, Anu was very patient and helped me to build confidence in creation. The use of color, the way of flowing is so free to do what you want, you can instantly become an amazing work. The original creation does not need to be afraid. Recommended for people who are interested in painting/art healing ✡-小小-✡ : Without the foundation of painting, Annu will lead you and create your own mobile painting step by step. : No need to prepare anything, just take a mood to paint, you can. If you are worried that the clothes will be dirty, remember to wear clothes that are not dirty or you can wear your own apron. If you need special time, you can also ask for information. : The day of painting will not dry up. It should be left to cool for two days to three days. If you can collect it yourself, you can also help if you need to mail it. You can pay by mail! ✨Annu for the flow picture: Meeting the mobile painting is a surprise. I found that in the process of mobile creation, I can work with myself to create my own space. The inner state is naturally quiet and the greatest release! The flow of artistic creation is so pure, so natural, I hope that you can experience together... the release and beauty of mobile painting. ✨Art design experience: I studied painting from an early age, I attended an art class in high school, and the university was a design advertising department. After graduation, he has been working on design art. There is a strong foundation for watercolor and sketching, and the artistic foundation is solid. ✨ Waiter Tarot first-class certification / second-order Second order of aura Australian flower crystal (Cranium sacral relaxation healing) Ore chakra healing first step Full consciousness communication first order / second order




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