Natural antibacterial solid wood plate/snack plate/small rectangle/Paraguayan rosewood stitching

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WM Design - Handmade - Select
WM Design - Handmade - Select
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Natural antibacterial solid wood plate/snack plate/small rectangle/Paraguayan rosewood stitching


Each piece of wood products is handmade by Wood Alloy Design Studio. We carefully select materials and patterns to make beautiful stitching Let you buy goods are unique lines Featured hardwood in Central and South America, durable and stable material is not easily deformed. Size: 16 cm X 27cm X Thickness 2 cm Material: Paraguay rosewood Paraguay rosewood is a good material for antibacterial, wood itself has a very fine arrangement of the texture, a highly durable and stable tree species, dense wood structure of cells to insect termites have a natural repression, but also a high quality corrosion resistance, texture Hard and heavy, heartwood color changes gradually from the outer yellow olive brown into deeper dark brown, wood color changes, sometimes brown and black and brown texture, the overall appearance of detailed grease appearance. Please pay attention before buying: 1. Each item of wood grain and splicing texture are not the same, we will randomly ship, will not accept the return due to different lines, to the actual arrival of goods. 2. This product is all natural raw wood. Before shipment, it is wiped with natural maintenance oil and can be used directly. 3. Because wood is a natural material, if there are micro cracks on the surface and tiny hole knots, it is a normal wood texture. Cleaning method: 1. Rinse with warm or cold water, with soft and clean utensils; after washing, dry the remaining moisture and place in a ventilated place to dry naturally. 2. If there is a lot of food or meat seafood with oil cut, use baking soda or white vinegar to clean it, then dry it with a soft dry cloth. Maintenance method 1. Maintenance methods You can use natural vegetable oils such as olive oil, walnut oil, and flaxseed oil to wipe, and do not use salad oil, soybean oil, or peanut oil to clean it, because it will produce oily smell for a while. 2. It is recommended to dry the wood and then wipe the maintenance oil. The maintenance time can be about once a month. Precautions 1. Natural wood products to avoid direct exposure to the sun or place a strong dry and wet changing environment. 2. Do not use dishwasher, dryer, or oven. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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Handmade wood antibacterial wood plates can also be used as chopping boards! Choose high-quality hardwood material, whet


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