Green pet series Iwami Nanban pot big / hand-made pottery hand made pottery special pottery making

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"Green Pet Series" in the disturbing city, let nature share her with you as a gift. - "Zhan Bao Hao Tao" Lu Zhanneng and Zhan Yizi's Teacher Iwami Nanban Taiwan clay is used as the base, ore, ore and four kinds of clay are specially prepared, and the special clay works are planted. Dimensions: 12.5 x 13 x 6 (cm cm)


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Green pet series Iwami Nanban pot big / hand-made pottery hand made pottery special pottery making


"Zhan Bao Hao Tao" Lu Zhanneng and Zhan Yizi's teacher created the large size of Nanban basin Figure 1 \ 2 is an example of planting. Rocks rich in unique texture and texture can be seen in Nanman pot, which can reflect the combination of plants and the earth; Figure 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 is the actual sale of works. Green pet. A corner of nature. Nanban basin. Planting only. Taiwan clay Dimensions: 12.5 x 13 x 6 (cm cm) — Living in a troubled city, let nature share her corner with you as a gift, become quiet but rich A green pet with a breath of life. — The word "Nanman basin" originated from Japan and features a rugged texture. The texture and shape of the Nanban basin can show the temperament of the earth. The planting plant is a bionic scene, showing the beauty of natural mountains and forests, and the Nanman basin is suitable for bringing out the vitality between the grass and trees. The "Iwami" Nanban Basin series is a unique creation for the exhibition of Baobao. It uses Taiwanese clay as the base, using four different types of clay, with a small amount of ore and ore sand. And water retention, and the plant root system is easy to attach root and stable. "Rock see" Nanman basin has a rough, unique texture, such as climbing Moss, moss or fern, just like a corner of the forest. Due to the earth material design, the larger the size of the work, the more difficult it is to complete the firing when creating the Yanman basin, so the number of large-scale works is relatively small. In addition to the internal structure that can effectively retain water, the root system of the plant is easy to firmly adhere to, and the root system develops well. It is easy to survive and be stable when planted in the plant, and it can grow healthy and natural when grasped firmly. A few years ago, a Japanese pot planter once evaluated it. Pots made in Taiwan are often not good because of the clay formula, which is not conducive to planting. Therefore, we have tried various ways to develop and configure clay materials for this issue, and we have created and shaped them by hand. The preparation and firing of glaze color are matched with plants countless times to ensure that they can be matched and beautiful, achieving both function and beauty. — Each piece is fully devoted to it when it is hand-kneaded, kiln burned, and created. Each piece created is unique in the world, and it is difficult to have the same object.


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