[Chinese New Year gift] Dried berry fruit water x spiced milk tea 4 into gift box with a can of lychee honey

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[Chinese New Year gift] Dried berry fruit water x spiced milk tea 4 into gift box with a can of lychee honey


**◎ New concept of spring health: taste Indian spice milk tea and Eastern European Russian Kompot berry drink** In spring, when the weather is getting warmer and full of new energy, build a good physique for yourself! As the concept of spring regimen becomes more and more popular, this season is definitely the best time to adjust your body. This gift box, combined with Taiwan tea's spiced milk tea and healthy and refreshing Kompot berry drink, will definitely give you a different experience this spring, and it is also the best choice for gift giving and exchange. If you want to bring a different exotic and healthy atmosphere to your beloved friends and family, as well as a little ingenious gift, this selection will definitely not let you down. **◎ RITUS selected 2 types of pot-boiled spice milk tea / 1 type of Kompot berry drink recipe** This gift box contains a Kompot berry drink pack (2 packs in total) and two flavored milk tea packs (1 pack each), 4 packs in total. For Kompot berry drinks, RITUS specially selected cranberries rich in A-type anthocyanins, blueberries rich in vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber, and strawberries rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which can not only enhance immunity but also Can bring a good complexion. The sweet and sour taste is like first love, and you will never put it down. As for the exotic and rich milk tea spice pack, the Taiwanese Assam tea carefully selected by RITUS can bring out the layered sense of spices, and you can feel the flavor of spices and tea in your mouth as soon as you take it in, and then spreads out. The osmanthus fragrance type is strictly selected from Taiwan Jinxuan osmanthus oolong as the base of the tea. It is different from the traditional refreshing taste. The spice flavor will slowly present two completely different flavors in the end of the tea. Different moods and experiences. **【Description of the contents of the gift box】** •Kompot Berry Drink Pack | 2pcs • Pot-boiled milk tea spice pack | 2 pieces (1 piece of exotic milk tea spice, 1 piece of sweet-scented osmanthus milk tea spice) • Lychee Honey | 1 jar (130 ml) •Tea Filter Bag|2pcs • Ceremony design photocards created in exotic situations| 1 piece https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52020962265_0efff44c87_c.jpg **【Kompot Berry Drink Pack Contents】** Cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, dried apples, orange slices https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52020964370_6aec3546f7_z.jpg **【Exotic Fragrance Milk Tea Spice Pack Contents】** Taiwan carefully selected Assam black tea, green cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, star anise, ginger powder **【Contents of sweet-scented osmanthus milk tea spice pack】** Taiwan's carefully selected Jinxuan Oolong Tea, Taiwan Osmanthus, Green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Clove, Star Anise, Ginger Powder https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51667629367_73bfba50e8_z.jpg **【How to make delicious Kompot berry drink】** 【Manufacturing method】 1. Fill the pot with 400 ml - 500 ml of water and all the dried fruits. (You can also put two dried fruit bags into the inner pot at the same time, and pour 800ml -1000ml of water) 2. After boiling, boil on low heat for 20-60 minutes (it is recommended to cook for at least 15-20 minutes, the juice will taste good!), the taste depends on personal preference. 3. Add appropriate amount of honey to taste and it is done. 4. Kompot can be drunk warm directly or placed in the refrigerator as a cold drink. 【Tips for cooking Kompot berry drink】 1. If you want to drink Kompot with an iced taste, it is recommended to boil two packs at the same time, then put one of the drinks in the refrigerator, and take it out to drink the next day. It is definitely a good taste! 2. People who are afraid of acid can also add a little mint leaves, it tastes refreshing and has a unique flavor. 3. If you want a different taste in summer, you can add sparkling water or lemonade (lemonade) to drink more refreshing and quench your thirst. **【How to make delicious spiced milk tea】** 【Manufacturing method】 1. Add 200 ml of water to the pot and heat to boil. 2. Put the spices and tea into the sieve bag, and put the whole bag into the pot. 3. After boiling, boil for two minutes on low heat, then slowly pour in 200 ml of milk. 4. After the milk boils, turn off the heat after boiling for one minute. 5. Take out the pot and filter out the tea leaves and spices, pour the pot-boiled spice milk tea into the cup, add some honey to taste and it's done. https://youtu.be/vPcYtxVLAh8 【Tips for making spiced milk tea】 1. The recommended amount of honey is 30 ml (three tablespoons), but the ratio can be adjusted according to personal preference! 2. The recommended amount of water and fresh milk is 200 ml each, but if you want a richer version, you can also adjust the water:milk ratio to 100:300 ml 3. If you want a more intense flavor, it is recommended to cook the tea leaves and spices directly without putting them in a sieve bag, and then filter out the tea leaves and spices when you turn off the heat, or you can wait 2~3 minutes after turning off the heat for more flavor Start the pot again. 4. Those who are allergic to fresh milk can replace fresh milk with oat milk, which also has a unique flavor. 5. If you want to drink spiced milk tea with an iced taste, it is recommended to cool the drink and put it in the refrigerator, and then take it out to drink the next day, it is definitely a good taste! https://youtu.be/JBwhFqEIXjI 【Specifications】 ◼︎ Product origin: Taiwan ◼︎ Expiration date: marked on the package ◼︎ Shelf life: 2 years for pot-boiled milk tea spice packs, half a year for pot-boiled Kompot berry drink packs (Kompot berry drink packs are made of dried fresh fruit, due to the hot weather these days, please be sure to refrigerate the Kompot berry drink packs in the fridge!) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52020486473_c46c69557b.jpg ◼︎ Food business registration number: F-190483956-00000-7 ◼︎ Product inspection and product liability insurance number: All raw materials of this product have passed the inspection of SGS or Zhentai, and Nanshan Life Insurance has insured 5 million yuan (0960-2236012087-00) product liability insurance. Please rest assured to buy! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51669354695_4e5bdd59c8_z_d.jpg ◼︎ Preservation method: After opening the pot boiled milk tea spice package, please consume it as soon as possible to avoid food deterioration. Please store it in a dry place at room temperature and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. If the dried berry bag is not eaten immediately, please be sure to store it in the refrigerator due to the hot weather these days. 【Delivery and Shipping Instructions】 ◼︎ In-stock products will be shipped within 3 working days after payment is completed, and the shipping date of pre-ordered or customized products will be stated in the product details ◼︎ The shipped product was accidentally damaged during logistics and transportation, please take photos and keep them and contact us ◼︎ In case of continuous holidays, special festivals or special circumstances of logistics manufacturers, the shipping date will be adjusted


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A new option for gifting, taste Indian spiced milk tea and Eastern European Kompot berry drink! Berry Drink is a healthy and rich version of dried fruit water that conforms to the concept of Asian hot drink fruit health. It is definitely a new healthy choice for spring and summer this year! In addition, the product is accompanied by a photo card of a ceremony in a foreign country to create an atmosphere. Just through the reminder of the photo card, you can easily create the warmest companionship in an exotic situation!


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