Pomelo Lin handmade colored glaze-pure-colored glaze pen-glass pen-dip pen

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Pomelo Lin handmade colored glaze-pure-colored glaze pen-glass pen-dip pen


Colored glaze dip pen Each pen is completely different, and each pen has a slightly hand-fired texture (For example, the body and tip of the pen may not be completely straight, and the surface layer may not be smooth. Some textures may be touched, and there may be a sense of convex and concave layering, and the grooves for absorbing ink may not be completely equidistant) Only if you sell it, you will make another one. You need two or more. Please leave a message to see the sample photo to confirm ok and then subscript Yizhi will be sent with the photo Each colored glaze pen has its own life temperature, hand feeling, writing feeling, texture direction, length...etc are completely different 【How to use】 Dip the pen tip 3/1 ~ more than half of the ink to start writing (do not hit the bottom of the ink bottle) Each pen, each angle of writing feels, the thickness is different Some angles can’t be written, you need some angles to write smoothly, you can find the angle that suits you After writing, use clean water to clean the pen tip, and if there is residual ink stuck in the pen gap after flushing You can use a soft toothbrush and lightly brush to dry and store it without dropping ★This pen nib has a curvature that is naturally formed during firing, please refer to Figure 2.5 ★ There may be some normal paper scraping at the beginning ★Do not take off the protection tube horizontally and straight (easy to hurt the pen tip) Please turn left and right in the opposite direction to remove the protection tube ★ Each pen has a unique, natural bubble or bubble pattern ★ Please purchase ink for pen ★ Calligraphy can choose hard pen posts ★ Comes with small ink (5ml) + collection box (★Because the ink (liquid) cannot pass the customs, it is forbidden to send to the international without ink) ★ If there is damage to be repaired, the repair fee will be charged according to the damage condition (the pruning can not be repaired) ★ For other precautions, please read the "Design Hall Story" on the right ★ 14 days is the work period for the production of works, international letters may exceed the 14 days work period, friends who mind please do not subscribe size/ Refer to Figure 6 (+-5mm) Material/ Hand-fired colored glaze + protective pen tip hose Maintenance: Do not drop the pen if there are fingerprints on the pen body, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it lightly brand introduction: The "glazed glaze" that needs a fire of 1300 degrees to quench the chain is a treasure bestowed by the fire. The hand-made colored glaze of the grapefruit forest is not only a decoration, but also a small art work that can be integrated into life. Among them, hidden unique tenacity and passion Origin / manufacturing method Exclusively designed by the designer of Yuzi Lin handmade colored glaze


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