Handmade flower vine wreath / wreath

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From the rattan circle to the whole work, I made it myself. The handmade rattan rings are different, and the matching flowers are different. It is suitable for you who like uniqueness :)



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Handmade flower vine wreath / wreath


**Product desciption** Use the fresh vine branches to twist out the vines of different sizes and lengths, and match the dry flowers, fruits and flowers without flowers to show the natural features of flowers and trees. The rattan circle itself is also part of the design of the work, with different flower color, suitable for you who like unique :) **Specifications**(both with rope hanging) **Wine red sola flower -** Rattan ring size: about 12cm in diameter, about 12cm in width Use of flowers: Sola flowers, Helichrysum, not withered hydrangea, happy flowers, small sedge, rabbittail, unleaved willow eucalyptus, no green leaf **Fog powder sola flower -** Rattan ring size: about 15cm in diameter, about 15cm in width Use of flowers: Sola flowers, no hydrangea, no withered stars, pink button chrysanthemum, black grass fruit, Canary, Wannian fir, not withered white fern leaves **The work is based on the Japanese Sola flower, which is made of non-flowers and dry flowers. It can be used to spread the fragrance, and the drops of essential oil can be used in the flower core to avoid affecting the surrounding flowers.** ※There are currently two well-made works, there are 1cm and 13cm handmade rattan rings, each one can be customized, the color system can be discussed ^^ If you need other large-sized handmade rattan rings, because you need to buy fresh rattan branches, And it takes a long time to wait until it is dry before designing. Please book in advance and open another store for you to order, thank you :) **Sola Flower Introduction -** Sola flower is a kind of herb from Thailand. It is called “Sanoo” by the local people. It grows to a height of 1 to 3 meters. It retains the stem during harvesting. After removing the excess leaves, it is exposed to sunlight to make the stem water. It is completely evaporated, and then the local staff cuts thin white paper pieces by hand, called "Sola paper"; the various flowers made of Sola paper are "Sola flowers." Sola paper has good water absorption and is a natural and environmentally friendly material. The Sola flower is promoted as a diffused flower. **Simple introduction of dry flowers & no flowers -** Dry flowers - the general practice is to dry directly upside down, can be operated at home, not every flower can be dried, more common such as: roses, stars, stars, eucalyptus leaves and so on. The viewing period is short, depending on the personal storage environment, ranging from a few months to 1, 2 years. Not withered flowers - also known as eternal flowers, translated from the English Preserved flower, refers to the soaking of flowers in a professional solvent, first undergoing the process of dehydration and decolorization, and then the treatment of fixed color protection. The viewing period is longer than the dry flowers, but it will still vary according to the personal storage environment. Both flowers must be kept away from moisture and away from direct sunlight. Moisture makes the flowers moldy, and direct sunlight will make the flowers fade faster. It is recommended to use a soft brush to gently brush off when there is dust, which can help extend the viewing period ^^ **Rattan rings and flowers are natural materials, and it is inevitable that debris will be normal. When shipping, I will pack them properly to ensure that they can be delivered to your hands. ^^** **The screen display of each computer and mobile phone is different, there may be color difference, please consider after purchase, you can not do this as a reason to return. Thank you.**


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