Plant dyeing, silk, lace, snood, marigold petal dyeing, natural indigo

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Plant dyeing, silk, lace, snood, marigold petal dyeing, natural indigo


Light silk lace snood is dyed with plant dyes. Part of it is dyed with natural indigo. The indigo color was developed, washed and dried, and then plant-dyed with marigold flowers. The blue part dyed by hitting the indigo leaf became green with the yellow of marigold overlapping, and it was dyed just like the flower of marigold. The size is about 50 cm wide. The entire circumference is 160 cm. 23g. If you wrap it softly, it will be an accent for casual clothes. Wrap it lightly to prevent sunlight and use it for long seasons as a cooling measure. Silk is a material that has excellent heat retention, hygroscopicity, flame retardancy, protects and repairs the skin, and absorbs ultraviolet rays, and is a natural and gentle material that protects the skin. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the "plant dyeing" stall dyed with 100% natural dyes. Atk's plant dyeing and indigo dyeing stoles are used not only for daily use, but also for various purposes such as book covers, still photography, birthdays, anniversaries, and recitals. ◇ Atk also wraps and delivers "normal shipping". ◇ Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact us using transaction navigation. ◇ Before shipping, we will finish it with a steam iron and deliver it. ◇ Once the shipment is completed, we will inform you of the "inquiry number" both domestically and internationally. ◇ A simple plant dyeing "Instruction Manual" is enclosed with the customer who purchased the product. * Sold at other locations. In the unlikely event that there are multiple purchases, we will contact you and give priority to the one with the earliest purchase time. Thank you for your understanding. ____________________ Width: about 50 cm All circumference: Approximately 160 cm Weight: 23g Material: Silk Dye: Marigold flower, natural indigo ____________________ Origin / Production method Japan / Handmade ◎ Plant dyeing may cause some "color fading". If it is not very dirty, such as the first one or two times, and when you sweat, just rinse it with water. The color gradually settles down. ◎ At home, it is recommended to wash your hands lightly by yourself. Lightly press and wash in cold or lukewarm water (about 30 degrees Celsius) mixed with a small amount of "neutral detergent" (fashionable detergent such as Emar Akron). Rinse gently twice, dry with a towel and dry in the shade. (2 to 3 minutes for the entire process). ◎ Avoid washing machines, dryers, bleach, and detergents containing bleach. The iron should be warm and covered with a cloth. ◎ The color of plant dyeing gradually changes even when exposed to sunlight for a long time, citrus juice, sweat, and aging. ◎ If you leave it in a bright place for a long time while it is folded, the folded part may get sunburned. When not in use, store it in a place that is out of the light, such as a box or chest of drawers. ◎ When storing "wool" and "silk products" for a long period of time, it is safe to store them together with "desiccant" and unscented "insect repellent". (Notes on purchase) * Everything is made by hand. Please understand that each work has a slightly different color and shape. * Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * Colors may look different on the screen than on the actual product. * 100% natural dye, hand-dyed one by one. Please note that there may be slight color unevenness. * If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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The soft silk lace was dyed in the shape of a leaf with natural indigo, and then plant-dyed with marigold flowers. Enjoy the natural colors.


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