donut earrings // Clip-On can be

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Pipijudy Jewellery
Pipijudy Jewellery
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donut earrings // Clip-On can be


【Product Information】 Material: 925 Sterling Silver/925 Sterling Silver Plated 18K Gold Accessories: Sterling Silver Stud Earrings / Sterling Silver Stud Earrings / Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Stud Earrings Size: 1x1cm **【Very important】** 1. All the products in the design hall are hand-made, and the stock can usually be**within 5 working**. 2. Some out-of-stock or customized sizes need to wait,**7-10 working days for sterling silver products, 10-15 working days for Silver-gilded products (both excluding national holidays)**, complete early shipment, we There is no fastest shipping speed, but there is persistence to the work. 3. If you have size problems or customized needs, you are welcome to private message to discuss production. ✿ Thank you for your support and love The products made by Pipijudy are all 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver plated with 18K gold. With the change of different usage habits and time, Some metals may become dull, which is a normal phenomenon of metal oxidation, Please pay attention to the following items to keep your products as good as new- 【Basic Maintenance Tips】 . When wearing, reduce exposure to perfumes, hot springs, sea water, swimming pools and chemicals . Rinse with water when not wearing, dry in cold air, and put it in a sealed bag to avoid sweat residue . Do not expose to moisture and air when not wearing . Gold-plated goods should reduce external friction and keep dry. . Please wear the product gently and avoid pulling it hard 【Maintenance Service】 The product provides maintenance service and can be sent back to the store counter You can also send it back to us, just pay the return shipping fee 【Maintenance & Warranty】 . Free maintenance once a year with warranty card . Outside the warranty period and without a warranty card, a fee will be charged . Gold-plated products can be returned to gold-plated once within one year with the warranty card . The cost of chain products will be charged according to the situation . Some products cannot be repaired due to practice and chain thickness 【Package】Pamper every friend who likes us . Brand exclusive carton packaging . Thickened anti-oxidation zipper bag . Product Warranty and Maintenance Manual . Sterling silver merchandise comes with a Silver wipe 【Gifts are more refined】 . Card writing service . Upgraded Ribbon and Branded Tote Bag Packaging Please indicate in the remarks, and then let us know the content of the card in the station letter 【other】 . All products are handmade by designers, some differences are normal, you can accept and place an order . If you have other ideas to customize, please feel free to discuss with us . If you have any questions about the product details, please feel free to inquire . Due to the long working hours of some products, if you are in a hurry to give gifts, please contact the designer first, so as not to delay time . If there is a need for close-fitting wear, all sterling silver products are more recommended. 【Design & Manufacture】 Locally designed in Taiwan, hand-produced by a small studio in Banqiao Thank you for your support, and let the creative energy of Taiwan flourish! Along the way, we are fortunate to meet many friends who love us from all over the world, Whether it is a one-sided relationship or a loyal customer because of love, are our precious forward momentum. Hope to create more exciting works in the future.


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Pippi Judy // Donut Earrings Donuts composed of small dots can reflect many bright spots, and geometric figures are the most versatile elements


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