Rich and rich. Lapis lazuli 6mm 貔貅 bracelet.

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This letter of silver beads has been partially out of stock, please confirm with us before placing the order, thank you. Bracelet material: lapis lazuli 6mm, cinnabar (default powder) 8mm ball, 925 silver Material: Lapis lazuli, Cinnabar, 925 silver



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Rich and rich. Lapis lazuli 6mm 貔貅 bracelet.


[Woody'sHandmade] rich and rich. The lapis lazuli bracelet. Wealth and affluence, Lapis “pí xiū” bracelet The lapis lazuli is the stone of the emperor. It is generally considered to have a strong positive energy and also symbolizes the authority of leadership. It can bring calm and supreme thoughts to help you quickly and correctly in your judgment. Everyone believes that cinnabar has a strong yang, can exorcise evil, and protect peace. This "rich and rich" bracelet, we take lapis lazuli as the main body, match the red cinnabar, plus the enthusiasm of wealth gathering, wish you rich and complete, create full of wealth. At the same time, this bracelet can be added to the English letters you specify to create a unique bracelet for you. Please indicate the English letters you need to add when placing your order. It is generally known for its powerful positive energy and is a symbol of leadership authority. It helps you to make timely and accurate judgments by bringing calmness and elevating the thought to the highest point. People believe that Cinnabar is an ore with strong "yang" chi and it can frighten away evil spirits and keep you safe. This "Wealth and affluence" bracelet uses lapis lazuli as the main body, accessorized with red cinnabar, and coupled with pí xiū We wish this will bring you a wealth and affluence life. The silver bead with letter can be added to create your exclusive bracelets; please let us know if you wish to add it when you place orders. Bracelet material: lapis lazuli, cinnabar (default powder), 925 silver Material: Lapis lazuli, Cinnabar, 925 silver size Medium, suitable for wrist circumference is about 16cm Large, suitable for wrist circumference is about 18cm Custom size, made according to the size of your wrist, please contact us. Standard size Medium: wrist circumference size around 16 cm Standard size Large: wrist circumference size around 18 cm Please contact us if you need custom made size based on your wrist circumference size. Designer profile Dear friends, welcome to our design gallery. There are a few things I want to communicate with you first. Please bear with your patience. First, natural ore types must be flawed. Ice floes, lines, mine eyes, we will try to pick when we are making, but we can't achieve 100% perfect for each bead. If you can't accept it, please don't buy it. Second, each batch of ore has its own characteristics, even if the same kind of crystal gemstones will vary with the mining area and mining time. Unless you choose an additive ore. Therefore, we can only "try to" but there is no way to make a "same" bracelet in the photo, please forgive me. Third, friends who want to buy, it is best to reserve two weeks of production and delivery time. If you have special time requirements, please be sure to write to us. Fourth, please measure the length of your wrist. Measurement method: Please gently circle the back of the wrist with the most prominent bones, no need to reserve space. Fifth, welcome to discuss with me the feeling you like \ ore, I will try my best to complete the design for you! Thank you for reading all the instructions. I hope that you will have a good time, and I hope that our works will have a chance to meet you. About the designer Dear friends, welcome to Woody's Handmade. There are a few things we would like to communicate with you and seek for your understanding: First, there will always be some flaws in natural ores such as Ice flore, grain, ore eye..etc. We will strive to pick the best during the process, but can not guarantee 100% perfection for each bead. if you can not Accept this term and condition, please do not purchase. Second, each batch of ore has their own characteristics - even if the same kind of crystal and gemstones, it differs based on different mine locations and mining time., we can only "try" but we can not guarantee to have it exactly " If the precise color of the bead is of a concern to you, we suggest that you pick beads made from colored ore. Third, please reserve two weeks for production and shipping time. If you have urgent need for shorter lead time, please be sure to communicate with us as soon as possible. Fourth, please measure the length of the wrist accurately. Measurement method: Make a loose circle with a string around the back of the most prominent bone of the wrist, it will be the correct length. Fifth, I welcome any discussion with you about what type of design you like and what kind of ore you like. I will try my best to design what you would love! Thank you for reading all the instructions and shopping our store, hope our design And product will meet you soon. Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan, hand-string Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade Taiwan


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