HQC Moisturizing Q Bomb Essence - 20ml

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Natural plant extract hyaluronic acid combined with aloe vera juice and cypress essential oil, with Q10 and collagen to make up the skin moisture and elasticity By the characteristics of hyaluronic acid, the surface layer and the deep layer of the skin can



HQC Moisturizing Q Bomb Essence - 20ml


https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/155357978874.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/155598876364.jpg The human body itself produces hyaluronic acid, Q10 coenzyme and collagen, but with age, cell aging, autologous hyaluronic acid, Q10 coenzyme and collagen are less and less, so the skin begins to age, fine lines appear, lose elasticity and Gloss, the skin begins to rough. In order to delay skin aging and maintain elasticity, women over 27 years of age should be supplemented with appropriate hyaluronic acid, Q10 coenzyme and collagen as soon as possible. DeVoN HQC Moisturizing Q Essence is made from plant-derived hyaluronic acid plus Q10 coenzyme and collagen in combination with aloe vera juice and cypress essential oil. It contains ultrafine molecular hyaluronic acid of less than 5,000 Daltons, ultrafine molecular collagen of less than 3,000 Daltons, and contains about 1.8 million Dalton's medium-sized molecular hyaluronic acid. Ultrafine hyaluronic acid and collagen molecules can easily penetrate deep into the skin. Provides deep enough moisture and collagen to the skin, and a medium-sized molecule of hyaluronic acid to provide moisture to the surface of the skin. Together with the natural maintenance of aloe vera juice, the skin is delicate, smooth and elastic. characteristic: DeVoN HQC Moisturizing Q Bolt Essence uses high quality plant hyaluronic acid, Q10 coenzyme and collagen raw materials made in Germany. After 2 to 3 minutes of use, the absorption is fast, and the skin is moisturized, smooth and elastic. Increased moisture in the inner layer of the skin and soothes the appearance of fine lines on the skin. Continuous use for three weeks will definitely improve the facial skin. Prevent premature wrinkles. How to use: Apply a proper amount of hyaluronic acid to the face and neck with a dropper. Massage for 1~2 minutes, 1 time in the morning and evening. It is recommended to use DeVoN Beauty Cream, Jinzhi Zhijing Repair Essence or Jiali Rose Essence Oil for better moisturizing effect. https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/155470580027.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/155471706778.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257285716.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257322645.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257324441.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257326078.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257327833.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156257329423.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156507462130.jpg https://www.ollobaby.com/images/upload/156507502912.jpg Precautions: 1. Keep this product out of the reach of children. 2. Avoid placing in the car and overheating in the summer to avoid deterioration. 3. Please shake before use. 4. Shelf life - 5 years without opening, it is recommended to use it within half a year after opening. Product specifications: Origin: Germany Warranty: non-human damage during the appreciation period Material: water, sodium hyaluronate, coenzyme, collagen, cypress essential oil, propylene glycol, aloe juice, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, acrylic acid. Size: 20ml Weight: 70g Content: Essential oil body


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