Hand-woven stole, merino wool, cashmere, soft and gentle touch, Monet's pond

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Hand-woven stole, merino wool, cashmere, soft and gentle touch, Monet's pond


A long-sized large-format stole hand-woven with "Saori weave". Weaved a lot of high quality yarns such as merino wool, cashmere and mohair together. Therefore, it is soft and warm and has a gentle touch. It is a long size that can be rolled loosely. As for the size, there are many types of yarns, so the shrinkage ratio is slightly different. The width is about 35-40 cm and the length is 205 cm (including tufts and 10 cm each). 192g The base color is light blue, and pastel-colored cashmere is woven in places. Weaved in the image of the painting "Monet's Pond". "Saori weaving" is a hand-woven fabric devised by Misao Jo, and all weaving is a "self-expression" that allows you to freely express your individuality. Gradation is added to the whole while changing many yarns. By weaving pastel-colored cashmere together with wool, I tried to create a color match that feels gentle warmth. A large-format stole with a soft touch that makes monotone clothes gorgeous just by wrapping it lightly. Since the expression is changed on the left and right, the atmosphere changes depending on how you wind it. Please try the winding method you like. ◇ Atk also wraps and delivers "normal shipping". ◇ Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact us using "Transaction Navi". ◇ Before shipping, we will finish it with a steam iron and deliver it. ◇ Overseas, we will deliver by "international e-packet", Japan Post, registered mail, and airmail. ◇ We will inform you of the "tracking number" after the shipment is completed. * Sold at other locations. In the unlikely event that there are multiple purchases, we will contact you and give priority to the one with the earliest purchase time. Thank you for your understanding. ___________ Width x length approx. 35 cm x 205 cm (including tufts, 10 cm each. Many pieces are woven while changing colors, so the shrinkage ratio varies depending on the location. (Approximately 35-40 cm) Please note. Material: Merino wool, cashmere, mohair, decorative thread, gold glitter (decorative thread part) ◎ It is not plant dyed. ___________ Origin / Production method Japan / Handmade ・ Notes on purchase ◎ Avoid washing machines, dryers and bleach. ◎ Light hand washing is recommended. ◎ Please avoid hot water and washing with rubbing. ◎ The iron should be warm and covered with a cloth. ◎ For long-term storage, it is safe to store with a "desiccant" or "insect repellent". Use a small amount of "neutral detergent" (detergent for fashionable wear such as Akron Emar) that does not contain bleach. Add a little neutral detergent to water or lukewarm water (0 to 30 degrees) and stir well. Shake lightly or gently press to wash. Rinse gently twice, drain with a towel, shape and dry in the shade. (Whole process, 2-3 minutes). Drain it, lightly iron it, and then dry it for a beautiful finish. ◇ Customers who have purchased the product are provided with a simple "Instruction Manual" in Japanese or English. ◇ Usually, we will respond promptly after confirming payment. (Within 3 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) ◇ When the shipment is completed, we will inform you of the "inquiry number".


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Hand-woven by combining cashmere with high-quality Japanese merino wool and mohair. Soft, soft and warm to the touch. Weaving with "Saori weaving" that gives out individuality and weaves freely.


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