Sending thinking × Mr. Eggplant 2019 calendar book.Fruity

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The 2019 pen special account of the co-branded Mr. Eggplant (the general writing pen is also suitable for 喔!)



thinking-of-you เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Sending thinking × Mr. Eggplant 2019 calendar book.Fruity


**寄思. Mr. Eggplant 2019 aging account**
**10% off during the period 10.31-11.13**
⊘Specifications, two pages a week. English cursive exercises
⊘ size 210 × 148 × 13mm (A5)
⊘ weighs about 320g
⊘ cover thick pounds kraft card
⊘内页Japan Bachuan paper 68gsm. Kraft paper 64gsm
⊘Printing Risograph (hole printing)
⊘ binding nude back hardcover
⊘Pages 256 pages
⊘Accessories PVC book cover
**⊘ 思 思 and Mr. Eggplant work for two people, it takes a certain amount of time to process the order,**
**Also, because the order of each person's order is different, there is no way to ask for detailed shipping time.**
**Thank you for your understanding!**
**⊘Risograph's ink is more contaminated than normal printing (requires heavy friction)**
**Due to printing restrictions, the book paper is a relatively thin material, but it does not affect normal use in the book cover.**
**In order to protect the color, it is recommended to feel the uniqueness of the stencil printing, and then wrap the attached PVC book cover.**
**⊘Risograph printing noise, discontinuous patterns are normal,**
**The printing effect of each hand account is unique, and the above phenomenon is not a fake.**
**Please experience a little mottled imperfect beauty together. If you mind this effect, please think twice before buying:**

__⊘ book cover / back cover__
Water blue, goose yellow and white are not allowed to be misplaced.

__⊘ handmade book fold__
The water blue booklet and the kraft paper butterfly page match the retro and delicious taste.

__⊘PVC book cover__
With a PVC book cover, there is a jelly effect!
The book cover is flexible and thicker than the average book cover, which can protect the sturdy hand.
The method of packaging is also very simple:

__⊘ bare back hardcover__
The back of the book turns into a cowhide color and can be completely flattened at 180 degrees.

__⊘ interval kraft paper__
Every month, there are blank pages of kraft paper, beige and cowhide caramel sandwiches.

__Leap year plan / profile__
Can also be used as a blank note page, starting with the goal of this year!

__⊘ Annual calendar / annual target__
Weekdays and holidays are separated.

__⊘To-do list__
In addition to being filled with to-do items, you can use grid lines to write dates or categories.

__⊘Contact list / blank grid__
Because fewer people use the address book function, the title word is very shallow and can be directly used as a classification.

__⊘月 calendar__
Light-colored design can be used to plan the month's overview on a large scale, or mix and match with kraft paper.

__Haoyue notes__
There are to-do items, Taiwan festivals, lunar calendars, 24 solar terms, and horizontal small calendars.

__Weekly note__
On the left is the weekly note, and on the right is the cross-page design of the note page.
The horizontal layout increases the freedom of writing, and the two-line design can write your own timeline.
The grid design on the right extends the note to the note page.
Every week, there are different kinds of eggplants written in English, which are low-key decorations even if they are not used.

__⊘Note page/kraft blank page__

__⊘ trial writing situation__
Bachuan paper is a paper commonly used in pen-specific handbooks. It has the characteristics of being thin and light, but it can use a pen with a large amount of ink.
Paper that belongs to a slippery surface is more elegant than other papers, and it is better to use a general writing tool.
Because the paper is thin, the handwriting is visible under the light, but it is not transparent.
Because of the different writing power of each person, the nature of the ink label is different.

⊘ directory
Title page 1p
Year plan 2p
Annual calendar 2p
Year note 2p
To-do page 4p
Note page 4p
Address book 1p
Calendar 1p × 12
Monthly Note 2p × 12
Weekly Note 8p-10p ×12
Note page 1p-3p ×12
Kraft paper blank page 4p × 12
All mail will be 65 yuan
7-11 is 60 yuan
Free shipping on 5 or more
Hey, thank you for your patience to read the introduction and accompany us across different designs and technologies.


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