A set of six blue double-layer cotton double yarn environmental protection hanging ear small cloth cotton wash towel

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Love the earth. Protect your health. Environmental awareness series. In the heart of the land we grew up, we love the earth with environmental protection. Plastic reduction. Not plastic. Use a disposable chemical fiber cotton pad, try a double yarn that ca


Hwatokki Handmade

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A set of six blue double-layer cotton double yarn environmental protection hanging ear small cloth cotton wash towel


[product design features] **Material characteristics**: 1. Unique water absorption, quick drying and softness, it is very suitable for baby and girl to use fine skin. 2. Easy to clean and quick to dry, not easy to produce odor. **Thickness**: Double-twisted double-sided sewing and crimping, not afraid of using after drawing, equal to four layers of cotton yarn! **Use advice**: Can be used to wipe lotion, apply face or remove makeup, wash your face. It can be used N times repeatedly, which is more environmentally friendly than general cotton pads. Cleaning and maintenance of small objects used on the face, need to pay attention to cleaning, specially designed small hanging ears, can be hung to dry after each use! ※ Huatuo has been using double-yarn products for many years. The old dog's hair in the house is also used to wipe the face and mouth every day. It is also a double-wax small square towel, which does not resist like the uncomfortable feeling of using a towel or toilet paper. Also because of the comfortable feel, it will rub it up and rub it! **Price is a set of six pieces** **There is also a choice of light pink**→ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/RRRHrch I hope that everyone can make every effort to be environmentally friendly and healthy. 【size】 5*9cm (within 1cm error) [material] double yarn [Washing advice] Gently hand wash with a mild detergent, wring out excess water and allow to dry. [Flower rabbit hand made the original intention and small 叮咛] 1.**flower rabbit hand made**is in honor of the designer's rabbit angel and create a pure hand-made brand,**love delivery**are hand-made rabbit flower began selling hand works in mind. 2.**current sales income is used in the rabbits to feed and TNR to rescue the waves of the local**,**willing to make the world better with the power of small bean sprouts** 3.**Hand-knitted and stitched**, there may be some imperfections,**best area to be taken when the fabric is cut**,**drawing will be different**. 4.**Everyone's screen settings are different**, so the actual product and the screen display,**may have a slight color difference**. 5. handmade,**for color and workmanship requirements perfectionist**,**please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package, it will not be stressed for a long time due to the weekly break**,**not send the parcel package on Friday**. 7.**Saturday Day for Family Day and Material Purchase Processing**,**Do not ship**(except for special orders),**Free to return message**. 8.**Not full-time non-exempt orders**, if there is a specified time limit arrival date, please confirm the order before the order, do not place the order directly, can not be assigned a reasonable meeting. 9.**Non-24 hours online**, please contact us if you have any questions, wait patiently, and you will reply and process it in the first time!


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