Basic maintenance word of mouth group - rock soap soap oil

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Basic Maintenance Word of Mouth Group - Argan Rock Mud Soap, Organic Argan Oil



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Basic maintenance word of mouth group - rock soap soap oil

Portfolio Contents: RMJ0021 - Argan Rock Mud Soap, Organic Argan Oil

Combination Description: When the season starts, the air begins to lower the water, the skin is easy to dry and appear fragile, so be careful re-selection of natural organic certified natural products to protect the skin, while improving the skin will not be Excess ingredients cause a burden!

Instructions for use:
Step1. Deep clean, moisturizing at the same time
Apply the rock soap onto both hands or face towel. Lightly massage the foam to create a massaging massage on the face, body and hair. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Step2. Immediately penetrate, improve skin texture
‧ Dry Skin - After washing your face, wipe 2 to 3 drops of Moroccan Nut Oil onto the skin of the face, covering it with your palm and gently tapping the face, allowing the nut oil to penetrate the skin slowly and then do the usual care.
‧No & Mixed Skin - After washing face, first use make-up water, and then 2 to 3 drops of Argan oil in the palm of your hand, covering and gently pressing the face to make it penetrate and absorb.
‧ oily skin - wash your face with a small amount of argan oil into the lotion, pat, massage the face, so that it penetrates and absorbs. (Depending on the situation to adjust the amount)

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**Moroccan nut rock soap:**

feature of product:
‧ Rock Mud Clay comes from the clay of the former Lake Enzymare in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and iron
‧ Made in low temperature, hand-made by hand, with mild and natural temperature, hand-made Moroccan nut rock soap, although the time spent, but the active ingredient and glycerin to retain a large number of preserved, will not be destroyed

‧ In-depth pores clean the skin, Moroccan mineral clay can adsorb dirt, clean every inch of skin
‧ daily facial and body skin care, can really absorb the Moroccan nut oil and Moroccan mineral clay minerals, deep moisturizing, fresh and smooth
‧ Provides skin elasticity, mild conditioning acne, spots, eczema and pores
‧ suitable for all skin types, body can use
Origin: Japan

**Organic Argan Oil:**

feature of product:
‧ Hand-picked and screened nut oil, after four filtration, fine oil, good penetration, the body can use
‧ Contains 32-36% linolenic acid (unsaturated fatty acid)
‧ rich in vitamin E, is 2-4 times olive oil, can restore skin elasticity
‧ International certified organic, rest assured that the skin care

‧ Repairing the skin's fine lines, spots, dryness, dullness and other problems, leaving the skin with soft, smooth touch and translucent luster
‧ Antioxidant ingredients to reduce UV damage
‧ strong penetration, improve skin texture, increase follow-up skin care products absorption rate
‧ For hair care, fight skin aging
‧ can be for dry parts: around the eyes, around the mouth, hair, body, nails and feet and other maintenance
Origin: Morocco

**※ QUALITY quality - reassuring international organic certification**
‧ ECOCERT International Organic Certification Authority, the most representative and authoritative organic certification body in Europe
USDA US USDA Organic organic certification
‧ AGRICULTURE BIOLOGIQUE Organic certification mark from France, founded in 1985, the certification standard is more stringent than the EU
‧ EU organic farming logo EU organic certification, the organic content of agricultural products must be more than 95%, can be marked on the product label


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