To sew your own 2019 PDA

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Nearly 2019, I have been unable to find a favorite account. Then, to sew your own 2019 PDA~~
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To sew your own 2019 PDA


Nearly 2019, I have been unable to find a favorite account. Then, to sew your own 2019 PDA~~ We will have this booklet filled with 2019 calendars as the main body, teach you how to make handmade books. The inner pages with weekly and daily plans can be selected Weekly plan reference: Daily plan reference: You can freely match your favorite stitches, book bindings, bookmarks **/Activities/** ・You will learn: - Basic understanding of handmade books -Tools and materials selection - Origami and piercing tips - handmade book stitching Also give (?) - Passerby X record small sharing (If you are in a hurry, you can leave early when you are finished, and share it for free by passersby X) ・About sewing method: weekly plan - Coptic sewing method; daily plan - buttonhole sewing method ・Activity process: Meet the handmade book - choose stitching and accessories - learning and sewing - share the experience **/ Activity type comparison and cost description /** ·type of activity Weekly plan Single experience price: $800 double experience price $1500 (100 yuan) About 2 hours 2.Day plan (2 volumes) Single experience price: $1200 Double experience price $2300 (100 yuan discount) About 3 hours ・Expense description: all include lecturer fees, a sort of materials **Please choose 2 pieces for the double experience price. The system will directly discount 100 yuan when you check out.** The tools will be prepared on site, and if needed, some can be purchased on-site and not included in the cost! **/Event time location /** ・Date time: 12/22 (six) 13:00-15:00 Weekly plan 12/23 (day) 13:00-16:00 day plan It's all starting at 13:00, so be sure to arrive on time! One person in a class, one class full of 6 people ·location: Come to this booklet Re:mainer studio No. 1381 Zhongzheng Road, Miaoli City (next to Concord Hospital) Red brick with blue door, very easy to find! ·Transportation: 1. Driving: National Road No. 1 Miaoli exchange road down, in the direction of Miaoli, cross the Guishan Bridge, take Zhongzheng Road, about 5 minutes to arrive, next to the Concord Hospital. 2. Take the train + bus: Take the train to Miaoli Railway Station, next to the first exit (former station/ring), take the bus bound for Hsinchu passengers to the Great Lakes and get off at Yumin Workers Station. 3. Will not take the bus: If there is only one person, passerby X can ride a locomotive to the train station to carry you / (But please be sure to inform passersby X喔!!) 4. Miaoli friends: Nanmiao passed the court, Zhongzheng Road, next to the Union Hospital, can park 4 motorcycles at the door~ Come from Union University, Hanghanpo down for about 8 minutes to reach 喔^ ^/ Other counties and cities are welcome to come to the news gathering. More than 10 people from the same area will come to the news. We will arrange to move to the class! At present, there are regular classes in Taoyuan, and you can go to Facebook: Love, and have a rich view! **/Precautions/** ・If you need to reschedule, please refund your ticket and purchase the ticket. ・It is recommended to register more than 15 years of age. ・Because of the limited space in the classroom, in order to maintain the teaching quality, you can accommodate up to 2 non-registration escorts. You can sit in the side chairs and rest. If you need to bring your partner, please let us know in advance! ・Opening 15 minutes before the event, please be careful not to be late for the event, thank you. ・The studio will have a kettle and a water cup. You can also carry the container yourself. ・Please follow the rules of the event venue and cooperate with the instructions of the on-site lecturer. If there is any violation, it will be responsible for it. **/Registration Notice /** ・After the registration is successful, we will provide a certificate of success in purchasing the ticket and will not send the physical ticket. On the day of the event, please go to the registration office to present the registration success letter or order and enter the venue. ・If due to force majeure such as natural disasters, we will take the initiative to contact for extension or refund; in the event of a typhoon, the standard of the suspension class announced by the event venue is the start and refund criteria, and the location of the participants is not considered. ・If you refund the consumer's personal factors 3 days before the event, you will be charged a 10% fee. ・No refund will be given within 3 days before the event.




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